Ranking the Pixar Movies.


Geek Dad had the brilliant idea to rank the 15 animated feature films by Pixar and now everyone else on the internet is doing it, too. You know I can’t resist a good bandwagon so I thought I’d throw my opinions into the void like everyone else.

Here’s where the Pixar movies stack up, imo.

15. A Bug’s Life: Poor A Bugs Life is getting no love from the internet. I’m not sure what about this movie just reads as unspectacular all these years later but considering it was only Pixar’s 2nd film ever, I suppose we can forgive it for not being amazing.

14. Cars 2: I’ve already forgotten most of the plot from this one, but I do remember there being spies and that some of the cars were embarrassed by other cars but then learned not to be a jerk to their friends. It was fine but not great.

13. Toy Story 2: I love Jessie and Bullseye, but I didn’t really love this movie. That magic ah ha spark of the first movie wasn’t really there for me. I mean for a sequel, it was pretty darn good, but for a Pixar movie, it was just fine.

12. Toy Story 3: It wasn’t that I disliked this movie, I just liked eleven other movies more. This movie was also pretttty depressing and I recall the end being the only bits really worth watching in the end. It could have been a 10 minute short film leading up to whatever new movie was coming out that year.

11. Cars: My son obviously loved it when he saw this movie at three years of age, and at the time I thought I loved it, too. But even he has moved on so I think we can, too. Don’t get me wrong, this movie had it’s good points, but compared to other movies on this list, it doesn’t seem to shine with age as much as others.

10. Finding Nemo: I know what you are thinking: How is Finding Nemo ranked so LOW for me?  Isn’t that blaspheme? I love Ellen Degeneres, too, but Dory is only in like 1/3 of the scenes and I find Marlin to be one of the most annoying, ridiculous characters in the history of animated cinema (yeah, I went there) and it kind of brings the movie as a whole down for me in spite of some absolute brilliance.

9. WALL-E: This was a  very tedious movie with a few moments of brilliance. It’s better the second time you watch it because you know the brilliance is coming so you aren’t so bored watching all the repetition and monotony.

8. UP: This is like the saddest movie ever but also the most beautiful. It has scenes that make me want to call it the best movie ever, but to be honest, the majority of this movie bordered on boring for me. It was like a sandwich with excellent bread and mediocre filling.

7. Brave: Pixar’s lone Princess movie, Brave broke the mold with Merida, the unruly red head Scottish princess who doesn’t really want to be a princess. This movie had all the feels and a lot of funny, too – and awesome accents to boot.

6. Ratatouille: I loved everything about this movie. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of going to France someday, like every other stereotypical girl – and though I’m not a chef or quite a foodie, I do love to eat good food. So this movie was easy for me to love.

5. Inside Out: Time will tell if Inside Out manages to hold onto a spot in my Top 5 once the glamour of being the New & Shiny Prodigal Child wears off. But I truly adored this movie in basically every way. They were blessed with a dream cast and the writing was brilliant on literally every level. It was brilliant on levels I didn’t know were levels.

4. Toy Story: I got a little burnt out on Toy Story after being subjected to one million reviewings as a tween but I can’t hold that against this movie which was brilliant and kind of revolutionary when it came out. Pixar wouldn’t be Pixar without Toy Story. Period.

3. Monsters University: This is probably my favorite sequel (or really, prequel) to date. This movie would have been amazing even if you had somehow managed to never see the first one (don’t do that – see the first one). The whole family loved it and I would totally sit down and watch it again right now.

2. The Incredibles: This movie was incredible, with a heart warming story and lots of clever humor and easy humor, too. A movie the whole family will enjoy and think of fondly. I have no critiques really. But I haven’t rewatched it much and that keeps it from being a number one for me.

And the winner is…


1. Monsters, Inc.: This movie is everything. It is hysterically funny and gives you all the feels and frankly, it’s perfectly written. It made me want to be a mother before I’d even really considered motherhood. Boo is still my favorite and I’m down to watch this movie, whenever.

How would you rank the Pixar movies? Which one is your favorite?


4 responses to “Ranking the Pixar Movies.”

  1. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    I love your rankings. Wasn’t this so fun to do? 🙂


  2. beckmank Avatar

    My favorite is Toy Story 2. I thought it was so much better than the original Toy Story (which I loved!) But Monsters, Inc is a fabulous choice for #1. Great movie.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I kind of feel like if I went back and watched the Toy Story movies now with fresh eyes that they might rank higher, but who knows.

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    2. beckmank Avatar

      The first Toy Story came out I think when I was in college? Maybe late high school. So I really ended up watching the Toy Story movies with my boys. Which was a fun experience for me. Although my little guy loved the movies, and he watched them so many times now he is tired of them.