Weekly Geekly: 08.14.2015


And today in Geek News….

Stephen Colbert continues to be a champion of comedy and rational thinking. He is giving me major hope for his new stint hosting the Late Show.

Scientists have solved Agatha Christie’s mysteries with a whodunnit formula. Fortunately for scientists, most of us aren’t good enough at math to refute it.

Apparently nobody uses LOL anymore – it’s all about the hahahas and emojis with today’s cool cats. Also I’m guessing that the phrase “cool cats” is out as well. The internet has officially decided I’m old this week.

Did you know the real purpose behind Microsoft Solitaire, Freecell and Minesweeper? Mental Floss has the official scoop on how nothing is ever just for fun anymore.

Target’s announcement about eliminating gender-based signage in some of their departments (toys, bedding, etc.) has a lot of people cheering and apparently it also has a lot of people reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllly upset. In other words, the sky continues to be blue. But then one brilliantly evil mastermind won the internet and everything is okay again now.

Tina Fey and Will Smith both have tv shows in the works that are making me giggle and squeal and do the Carlton Dance while working on my night cheese, even though we basically don’t know anything yet about either of them.

Cover Girl is coming out with a line of Star Wars themed makeup so your next Con Look will be fierce as hell.

Have a great weekend guys!