Just Discovered: Awful Hospital

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of another amazing online comic. It’s called Awful Hospital and it’s kind of brilliant. It was featured on Geek and Sundry recently which was testimony enough to make me check it out. It drew me in pretty quickly because of the bright, vibrant visuals and the unique (to me) set up.

source: bogleech.com/awfulhospital/
artwork by Jonathan Wojcik source: bogleech.com/awfulhospital/

Stylistically, it’s got a The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy vibe going on – as smartly pointed out by Matthew Charles over at Geek and Sundry. It is, frankly, a pretty gross comic – at first glance it just looks a little crazy pants. If a comic full of blood, guts, spleens and snot is not your cup of tea – well, I don’t blame you – that sounds like terrible tea. But somehow Jonathan Wojcik, the creator of the comic, manages to make the ickiest things seem pretty darn funny. And perhaps more importantly – the story his comic is telling is good enough to keep me interested between the ewwwwws.

I love the overall layout of the web comic and how it feels so immersive – through stylistic choices and added elements, Wojcik makes you feel like you are actually a part of the story as you are reading it – with titles that look like old text based computer games where you have to type in your desired action ; and social media-esque dialogue that sort of makes it look like you are reading a Facebook conversation between a green lady and a spinal column. Within the main body of the comic is a plethora of detail that you can take in with lots of small moments of brilliance in addition to the humor that can easily be enjoyed at a glance.

I’m only about 50 comics into the story, out of almost 400 to date so the comic is neither brand spanking new nor so old as to be intimidating to try to get caught up with. A nice place to join in.

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What’s your favorite web comic?