Just Discovered: Awful Hospital

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of another amazing online comic. It’s called Awful Hospital and it’s kind of brilliant. It was featured on Geek and Sundry recently which was testimony enough to make me check it out. It drew me in pretty quickly because of the bright, vibrant visuals and the unique (to me) set up. Stylistically, it’s got a The Grim Adventures of Billy and … Continue reading Just Discovered: Awful Hospital

Vlog Kids: Favorite Super Hero

We’d love to know your answers to these questions, too – I know you’ve thought about it! Who is your favorite super hero? How come? Who is your least favorite super hero? Why? If you could have any super power, what would you choose? Continue reading Vlog Kids: Favorite Super Hero

My Favorite Online Comics.

XKCD Been around since: 1545 comics ago I love it because: Aside from being an incredibly smart comic known for uber-geeky references that sometimes go over my head (luckily my Engineer husband can usually explain those to me), this comic is filled with tiny pockets of all the feels – and reading it feels like you’ve been let in on all the best inside jokes. Pro tip: … Continue reading My Favorite Online Comics.

Weekly Geekly Links: February 20, 2015

It’s about -547 degrees outside right now where I live (or 4 degrees with a -20 windchill) but it’s been that way for long enough now that I think we’re supposed to consider it normal and just keep on keeping on. While I hide inside and pretend it’s June, here are some cool things I found online recently that you need to check out before … Continue reading Weekly Geekly Links: February 20, 2015

Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.

I’m kind of adoring this comic by Maritsa Patrinos of Seasonal Depression. Maritsa gets straight to the heart about what it takes to get girls interested with building toys like LEGOS. The answer isn’t juice bars or LEGO Shopping Malls or pretty pink anythings. It’s far more simple than that (I’m gonna make you read her comic to find out her answer – it’s worth it). … Continue reading Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.