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Weekly Geekly Links: February 20, 2015


It’s about -547 degrees outside right now where I live (or 4 degrees with a -20 windchill) but it’s been that way for long enough now that I think we’re supposed to consider it normal and just keep on keeping on. While I hide inside and pretend it’s June, here are some cool things I found online recently that you need to check out before you check out (+15 bonus points if you get that reference):

20150219_184648Geekologie informed us that Neil Armstrong had a secret stash of moon souvenirs! This is especially interesting to me right now because my son just did a big research project on Neil Armstrong that culminated in him dressing up like Neil and pretending to be a wax figure of him at his class’s Wax Figure Museum last night. Also every time I read I read about the items he stashed I start thinking about The Berenstain Bears on the Moon – anyone else weirdly in love with this book?

Bored Panda told us about a guy who secretly went around and created his own book sections at a local bookstore. Categories included things like: Meals You Intend To Make, But Never Will or Things That Scare Me (in which he moved books from other sections like The Expectant Father and a memoir by Regis Philbin among other things).

You might know that I’m Rainbow Rowell’s #1 Super fan (i.e. I really like her books) so it should be no surprise that her recent interview with TIME magazine about her newest book, fanfiction, 50 Shades of Grey and that quote from Franzen delighted me.

Lastly: This like literally made me lol:


Have a great weekend!