Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.


I’m kind of adoring this comic by Maritsa Patrinos of Seasonal Depression. Maritsa gets straight to the heart about what it takes to get girls interested with building toys like LEGOS. The answer isn’t juice bars or LEGO Shopping Malls or pretty pink anythings. It’s far more simple than that (I’m gonna make you read her comic to find out her answer – it’s worth it).


Now I do think there are plenty of girls out there who are like “Hey, we’ll take pink stuff, too.” My daughter is a suuuuper “girly girl” and loves anything pink and sparkly. She’s a princess loving ballerina who strives to take care of butterflies when shes a grownup. But she’s a normal human girl also and is just as interested in going on amazing epic adventures through time and space with her brother and loves battles between Wonder Woman and Batman and digs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So while the color pink won’t hurt with her, it’s not necessary either to keep her interested.

That’s kind of the point. Stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. They don’t tell the whole story and they shouldn’t tell the whole story. Allow yourself and the people around you to be wonderfully complex individuals. Let us surprise you.