5 Favorites for Family Game Night.

We love to play board games in our family. With the kids or as a couples night or game night with friends. Our collection of games has become massive over the years. We’ve discovered a few new favorites in the last couple of years and I thought I’d take a minute to share with youContinue reading “5 Favorites for Family Game Night.”

5 Apps To Hide in the Bathroom With.

  I know a lot of you are home with your kids on spring break right now and maybe you are nearing your breaking point. I mean, maybe you are off on a grand adventure and achieving pure bliss in between hair braiding and picture perfect family picnics – but just in case you areContinue reading “5 Apps To Hide in the Bathroom With.”

Weekly Geekly: 9.04.15

How is it September already? Though it still definitely feels like summer outside (hot and muggy? check) – the kids are back in school, pumpkin spiced everything is starting to roll out in cafes and my grocery store just put out Halloween candy. It’s official – Winter Fall is coming. Whether this is exciting orContinue reading “Weekly Geekly: 9.04.15”

Game Night: Our Favorites

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time watching Table Top videos at Geek & Sundry lately, amassing a fairly massive wishlist of games that I want someone to buy me for Christmas (or for Tuesday, I’m an equal opportunity gift receiver). My game cabinet situation would suggest that we already have tons of games toContinue reading “Game Night: Our Favorites”

What I’m Into (July 2015)

I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share some of the things I’ve been into this month. This is a great opportunity to fangirl all over the place about what you’ve been reading, watching, listening to – or to give said things a harsh critique when necessary. Here’s how the month shook out for me. Reading RightContinue reading “What I’m Into (July 2015)”

GEEK OUT: 5 Things You Won’t Want To Miss.

Some things worth geeking out over: A multi-fandom character alignment chart: Trying to understand your D&D character better? Or creating one from scratch and not sure what alignment they should fall into? Holland at Geek and Sundry has you covered. Have you heard of #TwitterFiction? Authors all over twitter were crafting stories in the formContinue reading “GEEK OUT: 5 Things You Won’t Want To Miss.”