5 Favorites for Family Game Night.

We love to play board games in our family. With the kids or as a couples night or game night with friends. Our collection of games has become massive over the years. We’ve discovered a few new favorites in the last couple of years and I thought I’d take a minute to share with you 5 of our favorite games to play for family game nights.

We currently have a 12 year old and 9 year old who both love board games. My husband likes a good amount of strategy in a game and prefers when the game can run at a quick pace. I like a game where I feel like luck will play into the game enough that I stand a chance against my husband – and I love a fun movie tie-in.

Here are 5 of our current favorites that the whole family loves:

61naxwntbelHarry Potter Munchkin 

We’ve pretty much never met a Munchkin game that we didn’t enjoy and this Harry Potter themed one is no exception. It’s a Deluxe Munchkin which means it comes with a game board and little character markers for each player to move from Level 1 to Level 10. The overall game play is pretty similar to classic Munchkin but you get to pick your Hogwarts House and gather potions and fight death eaters.

91bwcejdq7l._sl1500_Bears vs. Babies 

We love to break this one out when we have extended family in town because describing the premise of the game to someone new never gets old. You are building a Bear Army to defeat an Army of Monster Babies. It’s pretty easy to learn and has just enough strategy involved to keep everyone happy. The illustrations on the cards are adorable and irreverent and sometimes a little gross which makes the kids laugh a lot.


71eqcvslvbl._sl1000_Forbidden Island

We’ve loved this game for years and it continues to be my favorite cooperative game to play with the kids. Everyone is working together to save four ancient relics from an island which is slowly flooding. You have to gather all four relics and get off the island while you still can. As the game goes on and various areas get flooded, the stakes are raised and things get harder – but you can adjust the difficulty level depending on the ages of the people playing or their experience with the game.

81fcxwi6sil._sx679_Stranger Things Monopoly

I’ve got to be honest, Monopoly is not always my top choice for game night. My husband runs that board like it’s his job and most of the time I know I’m losing before I’ve made it around the board twice. But I really love this Stranger Things edition. The game pieces are so cute and the pricing for property (or forts) is so nostalgia. Also I won my first game of Monopoly ever playing this edition so it gets a special pass in my book. For the most part this is just your classic Monopoly game though.

510yltad3ulCentury Golem Edition

I just found out that we can rent board games from my local library and they even seem to be in good condition! I checked this one out last weekend and, I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The initial set up and explanation of the game rules took some time but the game wasn’t too hard to play once we really got going.


I really liked how quick each turn was – this meant that the game moved along pretty smoothly without my youngest kid getting distracted between turns and needing to remind them whose turn it was. You spend the game collecting and trading various diamonds to create Golems – whoever earns enough points through Golems, diamonds and coins wins. Fairly straight forward once you get past the set up.

What are some of your favorite board games?

5 Apps To Hide in the Bathroom With.



I know a lot of you are home with your kids on spring break right now and maybe you are nearing your breaking point. I mean, maybe you are off on a grand adventure and achieving pure bliss in between hair braiding and picture perfect family picnics – but just in case you are feeling the heavy weight of “when will I be able to watch my shows again and how are you still here???” I’m just saying if you are thinking about going to hide in the bathroom for seventy two hours…

How about a new game on your phone to get addicted to instead? I know we’re supposed to be patient and present and in the moment and smart phones are the worst or something, but whatever. Sometimes a mom needs five minutes with Solitaire to get the skip back in her step.

Here are 5 games on my phone* that I like to turn to when my daughter has been singing the same Moana song for eighteen hours / my son has literally not stopped talking about Minecraft since he woke up.

*I’m an Android girl so my apologies if you are living that Apple life and these games aren’t available — but usually they are on both stores, so definitely check!

We all have different game preferences and different situations call for a different fix.

If you want an artsy kind of puzzle:

Hungry Cat Picross is literally the best picross game you are going to find on your phone. I’m not trying to be Eleanore Exaggeration here. I literally downloaded all of them when I was running out of puzzles and they were all terrible. So save yourself the struggle / data usage and skip straight to this one. I’ve gotten several people hooked on this game. I’m not proud.

If you want to redecorate every day but like for free:

Design Home is the game I never knew I wanted to play. It’s literally designing rooms and then voting your favorite designs, buying virtual couches and potted plants and competing in design challenges. I am way too addicted.

If you are feeling nostaligic for middle school:

MASH is seriously an Android Game now and I won’t like, I made my 7 year old play with me – multiple times. I do wish there were less ads and more varied games but you know – nostalgia for the win. Break this one out when your little girls are getting antsy and need a distraction. Maybe your boys would like it, too, but I’m pretty sure my 11 year old would just roll his eyes at me like my husband did.

If you like hidden picture games:

Fantastic Beasts: Cases has two things going for it – the nerdgasm of Harry Potter universe references and a fun and unique game in its own right that is kind of somewhere between a hidden picture game and a mystery detective game. It may even help to tide you over until the next Fantastic Beasts movie.


If you want to take Solitaire to the next level:

Fairway Solitaire is probably the game I open the most frequently right now. It seriously takes Solitaire to new places and has just enough little goals and tasks to keep you checking back in throughout the day. Cute graphics, relatively speedy load times and not too many ads. Plus there is a sneaky gopher causing trouble, so.

What phone apps have you been hooked on lately?


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Weekly Geekly: 01.22.16


I think we geeks have had a rough go of it, losing a few too many legends lately. I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of Dogma to watch with my husband this weekend but it’s proving more complicated than I anticipated. While I figure that out…

I think this would be my kids’ favorite subject in school. And mine, too. Can I take this class?

This would be a very different television show. Related: now you can knit the damn scarf yourself. Properly.

When worlds collide adorably. One of the better Star Wars inspired things on the internet right now.

GeekMom says 2016 is going to be the year that Harry Potter returns. I’m not hating this. Speaking of Potter and the image above: Apparently ‘always’ was a weighty word for Professor Snape.

And now I think I’ll be a dear and leave you guys with something a little lighter:


Have a great weekend guys!

5 Things of Note.

I’m too lazy to write a legitimate blog post and I pretty much just did my weekly geekly round up of awesome nerdy links to thinks you should read or look at. So I’m going to try just sort of micro-blogging or mind dumping and hope that something brilliant comes out of it.

  • winteriscomingWe spent Labor Day binge watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones hard (as you do) and we now have only 3 episodes left before we have to track down Season 3. When we first started watching the show a couple months ago I was somewhat ambivalent. The first episode was basically soft core porn with lots of death, incest and direwolves thrown in for good measure. I pretty much just liked the direwolves. But I stuck it out because I figured it had to have gained it’s mega popularity for more than just boobies. Luckily this theory was not unfounded and now we’re basically obsessed and walk around going “It is known” and “Winter is coming” and muttering about Joffrey.
  • I just used up some Amazon Points for two board games that we’ve had our eye on for awhile now. I bought Forbidden Island which is on sale for $14.99 right now and Game of Thrones: The Board Game because of course I did. If money were no object, I would have gotten Pandemic, too. Maybe Santa will get me that one. What board game / card game / etc. would you like to unwrap this year? 
  • 16131058I just finished reading The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer which is first in his Land of Stories series about twins Alex and Conner Bailey who find themselves in the magical world of fairy tales with no certain way of getting out and home to mother. Colfer turns fairy tales on their head, giving the stories a deeper, more honest fleshing out and it was super fun to see the characters we all know and love (or hate) reimagined. I have to admit, I was skeptical about this one as it’s yet another in a line of books written by celebrities – but I was impressed and handed it over promptly to my nine year old who is already half finished. I’ll write more on this when he’s finished so I can give you a review from both of our perspectives.
  • I just discovered Calmityware.com via The Bloggess (check out her post on whether or not blogging is dead) and I’m kind of obsessed. I really want the UFO plates or maybe the sea monster ones. Can’t decide really because they all look awesome. Add this one to my Christmas list, too.
  • Stephen Colbert is coming back to television tonight with the premier of his Late Show and I’m more than a little excited. His guests this week include George Clooney, Jeb Bush, Elon Musk and Scarlett Johansson which is a pretty awesome starting line up. I’m also really looking forward to Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. Who is your favorite tv host?

So what’s on your mind? Feel free to do a mind dump of your own in the comments section!

Weekly Geekly: 9.04.15


How is it September already? Though it still definitely feels like summer outside (hot and muggy? check) – the kids are back in school, pumpkin spiced everything is starting to roll out in cafes and my grocery store just put out Halloween candy. It’s official – Winter Fall is coming. Whether this is exciting or disappointing, let’s distract ourselves with these geeky links:

Nerds Rejoice – Pottery Barn has joined the dork side with a pretty amazing Star Wars themed toddler bed.

Polaroid is finally releasing the update on their classic that we can all get behind, a kind of Polaroid 2.0.

Who wants to go on a vacation to Westeros with me?

Loved this video of the Top 10 Games for Couples – what do you and your significant other like to play?

Have you purchased from Better World Books before? I ordered three books from them after reading this post at Stay Bookish and the books just arrived in great condition, shipped for free for a good cause – it doesn’t get better than that!

What do you think about the latest Harry Potter fan theory regarding Draco?

This geeky birth announcement was kind of amazing.

Have a great weekend guys!