weekly geekly: 4.18.2015

My list of awesome stuff to share with you guys was getting increasingly humongous so clearly a Weekly Geekly was in order. I’ve only got a few minutes before I need to run to work and make everyone look super stylish with their choice of spectacles – so let’s get cracking, shall we? Ever stood in line at the coffee shop and thought “I could … Continue reading weekly geekly: 4.18.2015

Watch the Ladies of Downton Abbey Play Cards Against Humanity

My first thought after watching this video at EW.com was “how did they get such tame cards?” Do you think they just chose carefully to keep the video from being too racy or was it just random luck? Or do my friends and I just have horrible senses of humor? My husband insists that 80% of the deck is this tame and good natured but … Continue reading Watch the Ladies of Downton Abbey Play Cards Against Humanity

Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.

I’m kind of adoring this comic by┬áMaritsa Patrinos of Seasonal Depression. Maritsa gets straight to the heart about what it takes to get girls interested with building toys like LEGOS. The answer isn’t juice bars or LEGO Shopping Malls or pretty pink anythings. It’s far more simple than that (I’m gonna make you read her comic to find out her answer – it’s worth it). … Continue reading Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.