5 Apps To Hide in the Bathroom With.



I know a lot of you are home with your kids on spring break right now and maybe you are nearing your breaking point. I mean, maybe you are off on a grand adventure and achieving pure bliss in between hair braiding and picture perfect family picnics – but just in case you are feeling the heavy weight of “when will I be able to watch my shows again and how are you still here???” I’m just saying if you are thinking about going to hide in the bathroom for seventy two hours…

How about a new game on your phone to get addicted to instead? I know we’re supposed to be patient and present and in the moment and smart phones are the worst or something, but whatever. Sometimes a mom needs five minutes with Solitaire to get the skip back in her step.

Here are 5 games on my phone* that I like to turn to when my daughter has been singing the same Moana song for eighteen hours / my son has literally not stopped talking about Minecraft since he woke up.

*I’m an Android girl so my apologies if you are living that Apple life and these games aren’t available — but usually they are on both stores, so definitely check!

We all have different game preferences and different situations call for a different fix.

If you want an artsy kind of puzzle:

Hungry Cat Picross is literally the best picross game you are going to find on your phone. I’m not trying to be Eleanore Exaggeration here. I literally downloaded all of them when I was running out of puzzles and they were all terrible. So save yourself the struggle / data usage and skip straight to this one. I’ve gotten several people hooked on this game. I’m not proud.

If you want to redecorate every day but like for free:

Design Home is the game I never knew I wanted to play. It’s literally designing rooms and then voting your favorite designs, buying virtual couches and potted plants and competing in design challenges. I am way too addicted.

If you are feeling nostaligic for middle school:

MASH is seriously an Android Game now and I won’t like, I made my 7 year old play with me – multiple times. I do wish there were less ads and more varied games but you know – nostalgia for the win. Break this one out when your little girls are getting antsy and need a distraction. Maybe your boys would like it, too, but I’m pretty sure my 11 year old would just roll his eyes at me like my husband did.

If you like hidden picture games:

Fantastic Beasts: Cases has two things going for it – the nerdgasm of Harry Potter universe references and a fun and unique game in its own right that is kind of somewhere between a hidden picture game and a mystery detective game. It may even help to tide you over until the next Fantastic Beasts movie.


If you want to take Solitaire to the next level:

Fairway Solitaire is probably the game I open the most frequently right now. It seriously takes Solitaire to new places and has just enough little goals and tasks to keep you checking back in throughout the day. Cute graphics, relatively speedy load times and not too many ads. Plus there is a sneaky gopher causing trouble, so.

What phone apps have you been hooked on lately?


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9 responses to “5 Apps To Hide in the Bathroom With.”

  1. Kat Avatar

    All of these sound fun. I don’t think I would ever come OUT of the bathroom. 😉


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      That’s a valid life choice lol


  2. ljsreveries Avatar

    I’ve seen the ads for Design Home and that one looks fun. I’m most attached to Words With Friends right now though. What did we ever do before smartphones??


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Like talk to people? So lame! Lol


  3. May Avatar

    You have a lot more fun with your apps than I do. Mine are purely functional. I used to have one of the bubble popping game, but I got seriously addicted. It was awful. I could see the bubbles when I closed my eyes at night. Had to quit cold turkey and have been afraid to try another game since!


  4. simplegirl74 Avatar

    Some great apps! I haven’t tried Home design but I want to now.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I’m so addicted, it’s sad.


  5. mamasick Avatar

    The Hungry Cat Picross sounds the most interesting to me. I also enjoyed your book recommendations on some of your other posts.


  6. Abby Avatar

    I’m actually fighting to NOT go check out these apps, although you had me at “I’m an Android girl”, and I definitely see the advantages of these apps during kids’ spring break. Unproductivity be damned!