Insta Recap: 4.27.17

One of Mama Kat’s prompts for this week’s Writers Workshop was to share a recent picture you shared on Instagram and tell us what you love about it. I have been posting to Instagram a lot lately and had a hard time narrowing it down so you get 5 recent stories inspired by my Instagram feed. Woohoo!!!

1 – A recent illustrated story by my 7 year old:


I love this – it’s like a mix between Snow White and Belinda the Ballerina. I’d read that book.

2 – We bought a Purple mattress last week and it arrived on my doorstep…


I mean it literally took up my entire doorstep so I decided to drag it inside before leaving to meet my husband for lunch – no easy feat! This thing weighs like a lot. But once I had it halfway through the door I pretty much had to suck it up and commit to the task. How proud did I feel afterwards? Like ridiculously so. I’ll write more about the mattress later, promise.

3 – I started taking a laptop to the coffee shop to write.


I’m the one millionth person to find out that working in a coffee shop actually decreases my distractions – I feel less guilt about chores I could be working on and my little Chrome book is too slow to browse the internet but fast enough to load my one tab and let me write. Also the perk of a snack outside the house doesn’t hurt. I’m going to write over lunch today.

4 – I dyed my hair by myself and I love it.


My last salon color was more subtle than I was expecting and I didn’t want to ask my husband for help again to fix it. I had a free couple of hours to kill the other day and splurged on this box of L’Oreal Colorista at Target that said I didn’t have to mix anything and that there were no ammonia fumes. Sold. 30 minutes and a slightly stained shower later and I have to say I’m loving it. It’s slightly subtle but way more noticeable. Exactly what I wanted and for the right price.

5 – Look what I found at Walmart the other day??


Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) wrote a new children’s book called Little Ree about her experience moving from the big city to a ranch farm but reimagined the story through the eyes of her childhood self. The end result is adorable. It’s similar in tone to her books about Charlie the ranch dog. I read it to my daughter’s class for library story time and they ate up the antics of Little Ree.

10 responses to “Insta Recap: 4.27.17”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Love your hair! And would you believe I have never taken my laptop to a coffee shop? You have me sold on that idea. I never considered that it might distract me from my distractions at home!


  2. Lindsay Avatar

    We’ve been looking at Purple. I can’t wait to hear what you think!


  3. Morgan Avatar

    Have you read her other book? I can’t remember what it’s called, but that is how I found out about the Pioneer Women.

    Once Upon a Time


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I’ve read some of her cook books and kids books about her dog, but I knew Ree from her blog first.


  4. ljsreveries Avatar

    Love your hair color! I didn’t know Ree wrote a children’s book – sounds cute. And I get a kick out of kid’s drawings – they see things in such funny ways.


  5. simplegirl74 Avatar

    How do you like the purple mattress? I keep seeing ads all over for it. Your hair looks great! Good job!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      So far I’m liking it a lot. My husband wishes it were a little firmer but I like a softer mattress and it still feels like it’s giving me a lot of support.


  6. Christy Avatar

    I love your hair! I’ve been looking for brand of coloring that didn’t last forever that was easy to use with good results. Looks like I need to try that one!

    I also need to hit the coffee shop with my laptop…isn’t it funny how there can be so much going on around you in a coffee shop, yet you can get so much done?
    (popped over from Kat’s linkup)


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I definitely recommend the brand I used, it couldn’t have been easier. Good luck at the coffee shop!


  7. Jen Thompson Avatar

    I hear ya! I am an insta junkie so it’s hard to pick a favorite! Looks like you’ve had an awesome week!