Wednesday Coffee Chat: How are you?*


Let’s pretend that we are super close besties with busy lives and every so often we make it a point to get together, have a cup of coffee (or tea, or hot toddies, whatever – there’s no judging on Irregularly Scheduled Coffee Chat Day) and just talk about our lives. 

Guys, October has been ridiculous. Not bad persay, just like nonstop breakneck speed kind of constant busyness. We have been selling popcorn, doing homework, redoing homework, flying halfway across the country, wearing pantyhose, learning Japanese, going to karate classes, taking pictures of cats, going to dog training classes, enduring dentist appointments and vaccinations, taking online classes, requesting college transcripts and trying to finish October’s book club book on time. We’re so busy I can barely keep track of who should be doing what and we’ve had take out pizza far more often than I’d like to admit. And the laundry situation is precarious at best. This all leaves me feeling kind of like this:


2015 School Picture: 1st Grade
2015 School Picture: 1st Grade

Yesterday I found out that BB shares her brother’s absent minded gene (that they get from both parents equally if we’re going to be honest). She came home with a stack of schoolwork that had been lost in her desk until yesterday, in varying stages of completion. One paper just needed her to write her name on it and turn it in. Others had like four math problems solved on each side. That kind of thing. She also brought home a half dozen beautifully detailed drawings that she’d completed. But forgot her lunch box.

2015 School Picture: 4th Grade
2015 School Picture: 4th Grade

This all feels so much like second verse same as the first, but I’m happy to report that MM has really been making strides this year – he and his teacher agree that his desk situation is vastly improved and I haven’t been hearing much in the way of lost work / forgotten book / etc. At least they take turns driving me insane. He also brought home his report card with was all A’s and B’s so he has a very happy and proud mother right now.

MM seems to be at a golden age right now and I’m trying to soak it all up and remember to appreciate how terrific he is. He’s incredibly helpful and kind, clever and compassionate. ::sniff sniff::

We’re having kind of an explosion of Geek Love right now with Game of Thrones and Doctor Who intersecting in a beautiful way and the new Star Wars movie right around the corner.


Did you hear that there was such a large stampede of presale ticket orders, that Fandango and the bunch were literally overwhelmed and their servers crashed? Craziness. We’ve also been playing Forbidden Island with the kids a lot and I’m thrilled to have a new game that the whole family enjoys playing together. Candy Land seems like a distant memory today. So far we’ve only played on Novice Level and we’ve won the game every time so I guess maybe it’s time to increase the difficulty level… maybe.

So what’s new in your world? Tell me about your new and exciting in the comments section!

*PS: When I wrote “How are you?” my brain went here:

How are youuuuuuu?

2 responses to “Wednesday Coffee Chat: How are you?*”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I promised I would come back…just didn’t guarantee when. 😛 Wait unil they are in middle school? the organization train doesn’t get much better..because then they have lockers to shove papers in and get lost. Sigh! I’m going to do better about visiting more often.


  2. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    Glad you’re enjoying Forbidden Island. We always play on easy too because why not? It feels good to win. 🙂 Speaking of Candyland, I’m about to get rid of all our baby games. It’s so nice to have a child old enough to play “real” games.