Halloween 2015: Preview

This week’s Writing Prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop are:

1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: mistake
2. Choose a writing prompt from last year’s October list!
3. Share a slow cooker recipe you love.
4. Show us what your kids want to be for Halloween this year.
5. Write about a time you thought there was a ghost.
6. List your favorite Fall TV line up.

This year MM wants to be a Creeper from Minecraft which is not even a little bit surprising as my children eat, sleep and breathe Minecraft these days. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Minecraft and Creepers, this is what a Creeper looks like:


If I were a Type A mother I would be busting out my cardboard boxes and spray paints (I’ve also heard some other clever moms used varying shades of green post it notes to achieve costume winningness) but I’m feeling low levels of motivation and after a quick talk with the kiddo, I found he was equally uninterested in an Arts & Crafts project. I found this hoodie at Target and he is pretty sure I’m the coolest mother ever and says his costume is basically complete – I am planning to track down some green pants (Goodwill I’m guessing) at least to go along with.

BB has been a little more confusing. First she told me she wants to be a fairy princess again but this year she wants to wear a different Princess dress – but still purple and still a dress we already own. I was not complaining. Then, after listening to her brother’s plans, she announced that she wanted to be the Mrs. Claus character from Minecraft and I kind of started to sweat trying to imagine how to pull this look off – I had a heart to heart with her about my concerns and she said, “Don’t worry mom – Mrs. Claus likes to wear purple princess dresses and fairy wings!”


Apparently this is what a Minecraft Mrs. Claus looks like. Just add bunny tights.
Apparently this is what a Minecraft Mrs. Claus looks like. Just add bunny tights.

So crisis averted. She has since informed me that she wants to also be a bunny – but then quickly reassured me that by bunny she means that her Mrs. Claus Fairy Princess Uniform will require cotton tights with bunnies on the knees (again, already in our closet). So basically, my kids are going really easy on me this year but BB’s explanation for her costume will be confusing to everyone in the universe.

What are your kids planning to dress up as?

7 responses to “Halloween 2015: Preview”

  1. justjules78 Avatar

    Ooh- my son would LOVE that hoodie! I vote the easy route. Always. 🙂


  2. mamaslosinit Avatar

    Kainoa chose a creeper last year and this year he wants to be “Steve”. Both require a giant cardboard head that I guarantee you he will not trick-or-treat in. That hoodie is genius!


  3. May Avatar

    Everyone she tells will just smile and nod!


  4. charligirl88 Avatar

    Your daughter cracks me up! One year, my daughter wanted to dress as a FEMALE Indiana Jones, so I got her brown pants, rustic jacket, treasure “purse”, whip, and a pink hat. To avoid confusing any poor soul (who might not guess who she was), I created a name tag with the Indiana Jones logo on it. lol! You ARE the greatest mom ever! Coming at you from Mama’s Losin’ It!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      That costume sounds awesome!


  5. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    Haha. I love that story about BB. Kids are so silly. My son is going to be a ninja turtle, which he’s been for the last 2 years. We did have to buy a new costume because he outgrew the other one. We could only find Donatello in Medium, so that’s who he’s going to be.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Love ninja turtles! Sounds fun! 🙂