ww: Instagram Life.

Too tired to form coherent paragraphs so I’m going to take advantage of Wordless Wednesday and just share some recent instagram thoughts and pretend it’s a fleshed out story, kay? Also I’m bad at rules so I’m captioning the pictures. So reckless, I know.

those eyes still slay me – this girl has the world wrapped around her fingers
Sunset at work. Had to pause and take a picture.
Raising young gamers. Forbidden Island is a new favorite in our house – fun for the whole family.
A list of my 6 year old’s favorite books – I blogged more about this here.
Falling asleep with a good book. I’m still weirded out that my 6 year old is reading chapter books the same size as her 9 year old brother.
When he gives you the world, you take a picture.
The sirens came on just as I clicked the shutter button – this picture says everything. (no emergency, just MM’s cub scout pack touring a fire truck again)
Red toe nails make me far happier than I would have anticipated. Now I get it. Next time I may pay someone else to do it for me – I am really inflexible.

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  1. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    We haven’t tried Forbidden Island with our 5.5 year old. We might need to. We just started weekly family game nights on Mondays.