The Geeky Gift Guide: For All Your Fandoms


Looking for the perfect gift for that fantastic geek in your life? Here are some awesome things I’ve seen online recently that would make any nerdling squeal with tidings of good joy.

For the Whovian: Hot Topic’s new line of Doctor Who inspired collection is just everything. The Whovians in your life will feel a flutter in both hearts over any of these pieces.

For the shutterbug: The macro cell lens band at Photojojo will take their cell snapshots to a whole new level. Just $15!

For the Austenite: Marrying Mr. Darcy is sure to be their new fave Card Game.

For your friend who keeps saying “Winter is coming!” every time it snows: a Game of Thrones coloring book to tide them over until the next episode. Currently $10.17

For your kids who live and breathe Minecraft: A Minecraft Torch Light and redstone to light up their bedroom when you force them to turn the game off and go to bed already.

For The Potter Fan who always finds the time to Do It All: A Time Turner like Hermione’s from Think Geek so she really can be in two places at once.

For the Bard obsessed doodle bug: Doodling for bookworms will give them something to do when writer’s block hits. Just $12.54 right now.

For your Star Wars bud who needs to step up their decor game: This Star Wars glassware set at Think Geek is gorgeously geeky!

For the girlie who’s by your side at every D&D game: Bling her up with this 20-sided dice necklace at

What’s on your wish list this holiday season?