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Top 10 Tuesday: New To Me Authors

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is:

“Top Ten New-To-Us Favorite Authors We Read For The First Time in 2015”

I’ll be honest, this was a tough prompt for me, since I’ve only read 40 books this year and like a half dozen of them were by Marissa Meyer, but I dug through my list of books read this year and here are the new-to-me authors that I noticed and remembered enjoying:


1. Marissa Meyer: It’s kind of hard to believe that I read my first Marissa Meyer book in 2015 but it’s true – I read Cinder in February and I’ve been rabidly obsessed with her books ever since. Have you given into the Lunar Chronicles hype yet?

2. M.R. Carey: I read The Girl With All the Gifts with my book club this year and omg I loved it. It’s not a genre I would typically pick up, but Carey is a masterful writer and her characters really tug on your heart strings.

3. Caroline Starr Rose: She is a writer after my own heart. I read May B and wanted to read it forever. It’s written in poetic form and it actually succeeds at the form and doesn’t get bogged down by the schtick. This is one that I can’t wait for my kids to read.


4. Jenny Han: Where has Jenny Han been all my life? I read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in nearly one sitting and it’s taking a lot of will power not to just buy every book she’s ever written. Pure fluff but excellent, excellent fluff.

5.  John Allison: I read his graphic novel Giant Days and it ended way too soon! I haven’t read a lot of graphic novels but this one caught my attention right away. I’m still meaning to pick up the second one so I can continue the story.

6. Aimee Carter: I loved The Goddess Test and went on to read allllll the books in the series this year. I think the first book is still my favorite, but I have to commend Carter for re-imagining the Greek gods in a really interesting way.


7. Jennifer E. Smith: The Geography of Me and You was so sweet and so unputdownable. I definitely want to check out the other books she has written, which get a lot of high praise.

8. Chris Colfer: I was surprised and delighted by how good the first book in his series was! I really enjoyed The Wishing Spell and my nine year old son loved it as well. Super talented actors and singers need to stop being amazing at writing and being super sweet human beings because it makes me feel like a slacker.

9. Jason Segel: See previous statement. Jason Segel’s book, Nightmares, was really good also. I like pretty much everything Jason Segel has ever done, this cute middle reader story included. And again, the nine year old was a big fan of this one also.

10. Elizabeth Wein: I’m nearly finished with Code Name Verity, which my book club will be discussing tomorrow (ack!) and I’ve really been enjoying it, even when it occasionally gives me all the feels and makes me go slanty faced. And apparently there is a second book in the series!

What amazing authors have you discovered this year?

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  1. curlygeek04 Avatar

    Elizabeth Wein is great, glad you discovered her! I hear great things about Cinder and The Girl with All the Gifts. And I really need to read Jason Segal’s book.