What can I buy with ten dollars?

My kids just got ten dollars each from grandparents out of state and I could see their eyes growing big with excitement at all the things that money could buy. My six year old thinks all cash money is “a whole dollar” and my nine year old probably thinks it’s a lot of money, too. And the truth is – for a young kid, ten dollars is a lot of money.

I started thinking about the different ways you could spend ten dollars, aside from just buying that toy that they find after three and a half minutes in the toy aisle at Target. Which they’ll love for a minute or two. Or….

What else can I do with ten dollars?

1. Sure, I can buy a toy! Yay!


2. Or maybe I’ll get a card game or board game.

3. I could buy a new book to read.

4. I could donate money to a charity or buy food to give to the needy.

11537706_10100697912375216_1170279071449696088_n5. I could go bowling!

6. Or take mom to a movie!

7. Or we could all go out for ice cream.

20150825_1544368. I could get that cool shirt I want (or dress, pjs, tights, hat, scarf, etc.)

9. I could buy a new movie or CD to enjoy over and over and over…

10. I could save my $10 and eventually get something bigger.

What would you add to this list?

3 responses to “What can I buy with ten dollars?”

  1. Tondra Denise Avatar

    I personally like #6… but this past summer when my kids were “curing boredom” I gave them each $1 and released them into the store. My son didn’t want to shop so his sister picked two items… fingernail polish remover and a bag of cotton balls for her “nail shop” customers. That leaves $8 for a snack and two drinks from Starbucks!!


  2. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    If my son got $10, he’d definitely buy 3 packs of Shopkins. And he’d enjoy opening them and finding out what he got (since they’re all a mystery). And then he’d rarely play with them because the fun is in the surprise.

    Or he might want to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and play for 20 minutes and get more tickets. We’re saving up for something worth 5,000 tickets. We currently have 3,191. We’re almost there! Haha.


  3. grayharley Avatar

    They should plan to put half the money in savings, and pick items to purchase prior to going to store. That doesn’t mean they can’t change their minds, but a trip to the store should start with a plan other than spending all there money.

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