Favorite books, movies and tv shows of 2015


The clever, funny, amazing ladies at Cup of Jo blogged recently about their favorite books, movies and tv shows of 2015 and I was struck by the simplicity of the post more than anything – each writer just shared a casual paragraph with a few key highlights of their media imbibing year rather than writing out elaborate lists. I’m going to try and tackle this stream of conscious style and hope that the first answers that pop into my mind are there for a reason.

This year has been all about the casual comedies for me. Despite a few more serious sitcoms that I love, most nights I haven’t wanted to wade through the heavy and the tears and the stress. I think when my own life is somewhat stressful, that I need a comedy cleanse to relax at night and although it was a good year – it was not without it’s struggles as I tried to figure out how to find my brand of happy. TV shows that have been new to me delights include Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Old time favorites are Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and The Middle. Exceptions to the rule are Doctor Who which is always a win and Game of Thrones which absolutely took me by surprise. I didn’t think I’d like it tbh and I was so wrong.

My reading life in 2015 pretty much consisted of Lunar Chronicles on repeat with a few literary gems and fluffy love stories evening out the year. I read Cinder for the first time this year and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. I also loved All The Light We Cannot See and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. You can read about more of the stand out books that I devoured this year here.

We don’t see a lot of movies honestly, unless you count the myriad of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies that I’ve been devouring this month but we did love the new Peanuts movie and the new Cinderella movie. And I could swear we saw Into the Woods this year also which was amazing but that could have been last year?

What have you been watching and reading this year?