My baby entered the world of double digits today. Or at least, he will tonight just before midnight. My kids have a long history of dragging things out as long as possible. He’s been dragging his heels in MM Standard Time for ten years now so basically I’ve been sighing impatiently and looking at my watch in desperation for a decade.

I’m short on time, but here’s a slideshow of 10 favorite memories throughout his ten years on earth – by no means a carefully constructed perfect ten, but it will have to do today.

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Happy birthday MM! It’s been ten incredible years!

3 responses to “Ten.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    It is beyond crazy how fast it goes! Happy belated birthday


  2. Tondra Denise Avatar

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the world of “double digits”!


  3. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    His eyes! Wow. So cute. Love the slideshow. Happy birthday to MM!