Easter Recap and Other Details From My Exciting Life.


I realized today that we’re already into the second (third?) week of April and I still haven’t really shared any Easter pictures and I think that might make me a terrible mommy blogger. I’d like to say that I can let a major holiday come and go without comment because I’m not a clichéd mainstream mommy but I also took some gorgeous pictures of my kids in their Easter Finest that it would be a crime not to share, so…


I’ve probably forgotten to tell you guys all sorts of things and I’m just going to cut to the chase and blame it on my dog. I like to blame all kinds of things on my dog but when he has a really minor surgery and the recovery ends up lasting weeks because he’s an idiot and can’t be left alone for more than 5 minutes and even when you think he’s finally completely recovered and you go have a life for a few hours you come home and regret it… I think he deserves the blame this month.


Since I’ve been basically living under house arrest for a month now, I’ve been doing super important stuff around the house like binge watching Gilmore Girls and The Office because priorities. I also celebrated my son’s 10th birthday with an incredibly noisy laser tag party that made him pretty much the happiest kid on the block and made my husband fall in love with ear plugs all over again. I made a terrible looking but apparently tasty batch of blueish cupcakes. And I booked the long discussed and still seems like a not real plan despite the plane tickets and hotel reservations for our ten year anniversary trip to Las Vegas that will be basically our first vacation sans children ever and I’m trying not to freak out in advance about that and focus on the Woo!! Vegas!! part of this plan.


My plans for the trip largely include all the things I want to eat and I won’t be disappointed if part of the trip includes watching late night television in the hotel room while devouring room service. #truth

I’m trying to think of other important things going on but most of the highlights of my weeks have been things like “put on pants” and “went grocery shopping by myself”. I did manage to get away for Team Trivia last week and we’re nearly caught up on season 5 of Game of Thrones so clearly there have been exciting moments worth sharing but I’m guessing you are just looking at the pictures in this post anyway so I’ll wrap this up because I’m out of Easter pictures.

What have you been up to?

How was your Easter?

Where should I eat in Las Vegas?

Are there other things to do there also?

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  1. Betsy Avatar

    looks like you had a wonderful easter. =)