My Summer Capsule Wardrobe: For Like a Real Body.

I’ve always thought the idea of a capsule wardrobe or a momiform was so clever, but a lot of times the “capsules” I see online do not line up with my reality due to either price, body shape or lifestyle. But I was tired of saving my two cute tops for days when I was going somewhere and wanted to look like I have a sense of fashion, so taking their capsules as inspiration, I spent the last year or so taking a good long side eye look at my wardrobe, purging and purchasing in bits and pieces until my closet started to look more inviting. I’m trying to get rid of any clothes that I find myself hesitating to take out of the closet. The ones that don’t quite fit right or don’t actually flatter my body no matter how great that sale was that day. You know?

Now I’m not saying my wardrobe is utter perfection but it’s been working a lot better for me lately and I thought I’d share the over all vibe of my closet – if you condensed it down into a capsule. I have more clothes than this guys, I don’t like doing laundry that much. But most of my items are basically a reiteration of the following:


I have the best luck shopping for my curvy pear shaped bod at Kohls, JC Penney and occasionally Target and Dressbarn. I also get boxes from Dia & Co. when I’m tired of scouring the mall and so far I’ve had pretty good luck with them – they are like Stitch Fix for curvacious ladies and they are responsible for sending me my favorite pair of jeans and a flouncy skirt that gives great twirl.

Would you like a breakdown explanation of the pieces above? Of course you would.


So most of my tops are either a cute patterned blouse (the one above is from Dressbarn), a versatile tank (this one is from Kohls) in a fun print or color and basic tees that are still flattering and carefully cut. I like my tops a little on the long side but they can’t be baggy sacks. I like them to be drapey but in clever ways that make me look vivacious and not like a busted can of biscuits. They all have to be Team Players and do their part or they’ll get relegated to the Pajama Pile.  And I’m always cold, so a cardigan is usually close by. I tend to only wear long sleeves in the dead of winter, so these tops will get me through the majority of the year.


Most days you are probably going to find me wearing dark washed denim capris that apparently most of the world considers a fashion faux pas. I am either delusional or I have the one body type that capris like. Either way, I probably pick them up 75% of the time so you’d better tell me I look flawless in them next time you see me, mkay? On days when it’s hotter than sin, I’ve finally started wearing honest to blog shorts that show my knees and everything. I was really sensitive about this for years because I think my knees are weird looking but then it got HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT one day and I finally decided that people probably have better things to do with their time than dwell on my weird knees. So. For dressier than denim days, I’ve got a cute pair of pinstriped skinnies that I honestly have no idea where they came from but they look kind of like the photo above. Or I’ll pull out a maxi skirt that can dress up or down. Stripes are always good. Have you noticed I like stripes? Further Requirements: My pants must have pockets or I will hate them forever. They must not be a dumb length (which is difficult when you are 5’2″ and plus sized). They must hold their shape ALL day because I will be an angst ridden mess if I have to pull them up all afternoon because they’ve stretched out.


Guys, I have the worst feet. They don’t like anything and they always hurt. If I wear cheap shoes, this problem is magnified times 1000. You’ll probably never see me in real heels although sometimes I rock a wedge sandal. Most of the time I’ll be in flat sandals or a slip on by brands like Clarks who seem to give a half a hoot about arch support. If I have to walk for more than an hour I’ll put on some sneakers (I’ve been wearing ASICS lately) but I’ll bitch and moan the whole time because I hate wearing socks.

What does your wardrobe look like? Fave place to shop?


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    Such cute stuff!!