6 Favorite Memories of Summer 2016 (So Far)

My kids go back to school in like 27 days which sounds absurd but also appropriate because we’ve been out of school since Memorial Day and we’ve had a fun filled, busy summer that isn’t even over yet. We’ve still got some fun summer memories to make in the next couple of weeks, but I thought I’d share some of our favorite summer moments so far, at the bidding of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. Per her instructions, here are 6 of our favorite memories from this summer (so far).


Sunsets on the river at our campground in June. We went camping for 5 days last month which was craziness and awesomeness.

You can read more about the trip here.


I took my ten year old to a Mallards baseball game with his cub scout pack and I have to say it was probably my best experience at a baseball game with the kids ever. We had fantastic weather, good seats and I think having just one kid to dote on made it easier to relax and have fun while we ate our weight in walking tacos and cotton candy.


We did two weeks of swim lessons last month (we’ll be doing another two week session in a couple weeks) and I continue to love the pants off the pool and swim instructors. Small class sizes and enthusiastic swimmers who come out of the pool lamenting that the classes aren’t longer are just two reasons we love it there. A shady spot to catch up with a good book while they are in the pool does not hurt either.


My little girl turned seven last week and we celebrated over the weekend with so many good friends who joined us for a Wild Horses Party which almost didn’t happen when massive storms and a sensible husband who pointed out that our house was too small to hold all of us indoors threatened to ruin our fun. Then my sweet friend who lives nearby volunteered her home at a moment’s notice to host the party and after a frantic dash to transport all of the party supplies and food and then actually set up, frost the cake and fill goodie bags…

I took a deep breath and looked around at all of these wonderful friends we have made in our new town (yes it still feels new after seven years – shhhhhh) who gathered around us to celebrate, who offer help and support when needed and who don’t bat an eyelash when I’m not at my level best and love me anyway. We had a great night filled with bandanas and plastic horses, carrot cupcakes and crock pot bratwurst, a gaggle of giggling children and good conversation with some of our favorite people.


For years bowling was rather hit or miss for me with the kids. Those balls are so heavy and my kids are so clumsy and for a long time it was more work than seemed worth it for the sake of a casual day out. But at seven and ten, my kids are finally at an age that lets them bowl pretty much independently and they only scare the pants off of me occasionally when they fling that ball down the lane. We’ve been making major use of the Kids Bowl Free program, meeting up with friends on weekday mornings to escape the muggy heat and catch up while the kids work on becoming Star Bowlers and drink slushies.

13619817_1248273465217888_13476747633771453_n It’s been a summer of movies this year between date nights, family outings and girls night out, I’ve been truly pampered. I swear most years I see 3 movies in a year if I’m lucky but we’ve somehow managed to see Finding Dory, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, Love & Friendship, Popstar, Me Before You, Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters this summer. Thanks largely in part to our theater’s Five Dollar Tuesdays.

These are six of my favorite memories from this summer thus far.

What have been some of your favorite moments?