What’s Saving My Life Right Now: Back to School Edition.


The kids went back to school on Monday and I’m trying not to be too smug about it while I happy dance through Target amidst the sea of families still back to school shopping. I know some of your kids don’t go back for a week or two (sorry, we’ve been out since Memorial Day weekend though so I’ve def. paid my dues) like the public schools in our town and I also know that many of you are maybe getting a little misty eyed about your kids going back or having gone back and I feel you. I’ve had my share of the misty eyed years.

Whether you are happy dancing in Target like me or wiping away brave tears in the drop off lane (or waiting to do one of those things), here are some of the things saving my life right now in this first week back:

    1. Firstly, let’s talk about Target and how much more fun it is by yourself than with kids. I felt like a freaking super hero the first time I sauntered into those beautiful double doors on Monday – without the weight of a heavy mom bag or a sticky hand perpetually making me walk lopsided and half a pace too slow – I felt invincible. I leisurely perused the clearance pajama aisle, looking at every piece for as long as I wanted. Several minutes were spent debating color choices and price points and I even grabbed two tops because nobody made me move on due to extreme boredom or hunger. It was bliss.
    2. I’ve worked out two times this week and have plans to work out again tomorrow. Major shout out to my work out buddy who is holding me accountable and laughing with me as we lament how out of shape we’ve gotten this summer. We’re kicking it old school, busting out our favorite work out DVDs like every soccer mom in the 1990’s. So far our favorite has been Leslie Sansone’s Walk to the Hits Party Songs. I love her DVDs because it’s high energy but not impossibly difficult and you really don’t need anything except maybe some sneakers and some spare time. She never makes me crawl around on the floor and that’s always a plus in my book.
    3. 14117723_1286206678091233_3580621848589295060_nI finally found a purse that meets all my current needs for size and comfort and of course being super cute. I’ve been trying to find a new bag all summer and some of you might know how horribly, horribly wrong my last purse shopping adventure was. Less than one week into the school year and I was able to find something perfect on sale.
    4. I’m finally getting caught up on all the shows on tv that are not quite appropriate to watch with the kids who have just been constantly under foot for the last three months. Nobody is asking to monopolize the television so they can play Minecraft or watch some lame tv show for, like, hours. I finally watched the first episode of Penny Dreadful and oh my word – good stuff but terrifying. On a side note: I’m falling hard for Fixer Upper and I kind of want to be Chip and Joanna when I grow up. It might be my ten year old’s new favorite show and this makes me way too happy.
    5. I’m slowly working my way towards getting the house in better shape. I folded laundry like a madwoman on Tuesday and today I bought a little plastic drawer to implement an idea I saw at Polished Habitat for organizing Tupperware. I think next week I might tackle organizing my bookshelves and if I’m feeling very brave, my office.
    6. I eat snacks when I want to and I don’t have to negotiate eating habits with anyone. I don’t have to hide in the bathroom with cookies or explain why mom might want to get a coffee but that doesn’t mean we should all get cake pops, too. I can get lunch wherever I want, even if they don’t serve mac and cheese.
    7. Next week the rest of the city will go back to school which means I’ll start getting subbing job requests soon. I’ve loved having this week off to do literally whatever I want, but I’m looking forward to picking up some shifts, too. Because eventually I’m going to run out of legitimate excuses to go to Target. Probably.

What’s saving your life right now?



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