16 Peeps to Follow on Instagram.

I overheard two girls talking about Instagram at a coffee shop the other day. One clearly had mad Insta Game and the other didn’t have an account. Other Girl lamented to Insta Girl that she really should join Instgram, but then she laughed and said, “But you’d be like the only person I would follow!” There was much chuckling about this and the conversation ended. I kind of wanted to run over to her and gush about all the amazing people you can follow on Instagram and demand she set up her account immediately, but that would seriously violate all the rules of people watching.

If I had gone over, I would have told her about how cool Instagram is because unlike Facebook where we really only follow the people we know and we sometimes get stuck in that trap of “I don’t really want to follow this person on social media but they follow me and I’d feel guilty for being a jerk like that…” This isn’t a thing on Instagram. I feel no pressure to follow people whose Instagram feeds aren’t filling me with joy – and the majority of the people that I follow I’ve never met. There are so many amazing people – dig deep enough and your feed starts to look pretty amazing.

Here are some of the majorly cool accounts I’m following:

Artsy Accounts To Make You Ohhhhhh and Ahhhhhhh


There are so many beautiful pics by artists of every medium:

@aishaaaaah shares her gorgeous Disney inspired illustrations.

@uggoff is a hair stylist sharing her customer’s beautiful after pics.

@cocolavine posts pictures of her life as a prima ballerina.

@houselarsbuilt shares gorg pics that may give you life envy.

#Bookstagram or #Bujolife For The Glory!


I get majorly sucked into the worlds of bookstagram and bujolife:

@myriadinklings will give you shelfie envy for sure!

@twirlingpages is awesome! I want her pink camera!

@nicoles.journal brings her bujo to a new level.

@itslahe makes my flower doodles look like preschool.

People Much Funnier Than You


Sometimes you need a good LOL:

@gemmacorrell shares illustrations all girls can relate to.

@averageparentproblems is meme-tastic (by Mommy Shorts).

@obviousplant likes to leave pretend signs in real places.

@briankesinger illustrates for Marvel and posts hilarious mashups.

People Watching Upgraded


Follow all the celebs and hear all the funny things:

@kristenanniebell is one of my fave celebs on and off Instagram

@michelleobama makes you want to be a better person.

@hotdudesreading proves a picture really does last longer.

@overheardla never ceases to be funny in a face palm kinda way.

Bonus For People Who Read The Whole Post!


You seriously rock! If you are feeling that Kindred Spirit connection, check me out at @thingsmommaloves!

It’s a seriously mashed up assortment of bookstagram, cute kids, travel pics and more.

Are you on Instagram? Leave your user name in the comments so we can check it out!




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3 responses to “16 Peeps to Follow on Instagram.”

  1. Kat Avatar

    I love instagram for the same reasons! I think traveling accounts are some of my faves because they capture images that are so far from my own daily experiences. It’s fun to dream for a few minutes. 🙂


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Agreed, travel pics are great!


  2. Betsy Avatar

    Mine is betsy_s4 =)