5 Things Making Me Happy on Halloween.


I’m not sure how I feel about Halloween being on a Monday. It feels weird trying to be all “yay! festive!” and “hurry up and finish your homework!” at the same time. Luckily we got the party started early on Saturday with the school’s annual Trunk or Treat festivities. The weather was gorgeous and my kids had a blast running from trunk to trunk to play games and win candy.

This year MM is dressed as Harry Potter and BB is a Kitty Witch. Not immediately related, but also totally related, you know? They are pumped for one more night of candy gathering and I’m ready to steal all their Reese’s peanut butter cups. Truth.

Other things I’ve been enjoying this month:

We finally got a shelf for our board games that fits all our games with room to spare. I love how organized the games look now and the living room is slowly becoming less embarrassing to look at.

Slowly organizing the house:

I also reorganized our DVD collection with some bins from Shopko and picked up some awesome light weight blankets in the Target Dollar Bins (seriously) to snuggle under while watching tv (also snuggling under one while I write this). They were seven dollars each well spent.

I went with a friend to see a filmed screening of the National Theater Live’s production of Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch. He was obviously amazing and Shelley’s story continues to stand up to the test of time. It was amazing to watch Frankenstein’s monster develop from a writhing thing that could barely function to a deeply intelligent and philosophical adult over the course of a few hours.

Also enjoying several new tv shows right now like Speechless, This is Us, The Good Place and Westworld which continues to shock the pants off me each week.

I got a new phone! Those who know me well, have probably heard me whimper over my old phone’s battery life, storage size and general tendencies to drive me insane. I had an old Samsung Galaxy S5 that had basically been crying uncle for months but with all the buzz about the Note 7’s in the news, I was reluctant to pick up even just the S7 – but didn’t really know what other options I had that I’d be happy with. I finally landed on the new Google Pixel phones which honestly came out just in time for this desperate momma. I’m loving the new camera and how snappy the speed is in general. Also – the storage on mine is amazing. Like I can has all the apps! And so far I’ve only needed to charge my phone at night before bed which is spectacular.

Five Dollar Bouquets:

My grocery stores frequently have pretty bouquet for five dollars that I’ve managed to enjoy for weeks at a time if not longer. I use small vases and split up the bouquet so that at least two rooms in the house can benefit from the pop of color and nature.


23995231I just finished reading Circling The Sun by Paula McLain with my book club. I really enjoyed it. I could relate to Beryl in a lot of ways, especially with her early family life – and I found myself rooting for her from cover to cover. She led a fascinating life that was both difficult and admirable. McLain’s story is well written and absorbing. I kept forgetting that it was a true story which makes it all the more fascinating. I highly recommend this one.

Next month we’ll be discussing Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, which I’m thinking will lead to some interesting conversations. I read about half of it on the airplane rides to and from Vegas this summer and had to stop myself because I sensed it would make an excellent book to discuss with others.

What have you been into lately?

What Halloween candy do you most want to steal from small children?