Geek Guide: 5 New TV Shows To Binge Watch.


Now that we’re in the thick of the fall television season, I’ve had some time to give several new shows a fair shake. Some of them stand up better than others. Some of them have my geeking out to anyone who will listen. Here are the 5 best new shows we’ve started watching this fall for those looking for their next fix.

The Good Place has several things going for it, most notably it has Kristen Bell back on television so that Marshmallows of the world can finally get their fix again. It also has Ted Danson and a slew of other actors that are killing it on a weekly basis. Add to this sharp writing and a totally fresh premise and you can understand why this is on our must watch list every week. The show is about Eleanor, played by Bell, who has just died and gone to “the good place” – except she’s pretty sure she isn’t supposed to be there. It’s a very smart comedy that you absolutely have to be watching. Here’s a taste of what the show is like:

Timeless is a 60 minute drama about a group of people tasked with trying to save history when a mysterious criminal steals a time machine and is wreaking havoc on the time line. Part mystery / part time traveling historical stories, the show strikes a good balance between drama, action and humor. It also has the element of “who exactly are the good guys and who are the bad guys?” that can make a show really compelling. And history geeks will be there for this one. Sharp writing, good acting, super cool.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a new show on BBCA that some of you may recognize as also being a novel by Douglas Adams. It stars Elijah Wood and a bunch of other people I wasn’t familiar with but whom are just brilliant. I’m a bit of an anglophile so British shows tend to hit the spot for me, but this one is amazing. The writing is obviously superb and everyone is bringing their A Game to it. It’s ridiculously funny and constantly keeping us guessing. This one is super bingeable so if you don’t have time to watch now, it would totally be worth stock piling the recordings to devour later.

Westworld is the new HBO darling that is keeping Game of Thrones fans occupied while we wait for our next fix. It’s a science fiction Western style thriller originally written by Michael Crichton, based on the film made in 1973. It’s about a futuristic “amusement park” where incredibly wealthy people can live out their Wild West fantasies in a village populated by robotic “hosts” who look and act just like real people. It’s very controversial and in typical HBO fashion, it holds nothing back. Not for the faint of heart but endlessly fascinating and a thinker for sure.

No Tomorrow is a CW comedy about Evie, a structure-loving gal who is feeling restricted and restless when she meets Xavier, a ridiculously good looking free spirit who really shakes up her life and gets her to loosen up. And this is sounding like a cheesy typical romantic comedy until I mention that, oh year, Xavier believes the world will end in eight months and is living his life through a bucket list of things he wants to do before then, in between trying to warn people that the end is near. This is a pretty cooky show but I kind of guilty pleasure love it. The acting is strong and the writing is snappy and despite being cheesy, it’s kind of just the right cheesy, you know?

What new shows are you obsessed with right now?


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    I’m really enjoying Timeless so far myself. 🙂

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