First Day of School / Solar Eclipse


My kids started school today and of course I was there with my camera to photograph every minute of our morning. In lieu of a printout with their grade written on it, I decided to try  something new and have them hold up a playing card with the number that corresponds to their grade in school this year. I used Phase 10 cards because the numbers are huge and bold. I think it came out pretty cute.

This is a big milestone year for us at school because both of my kids are in the downstairs portion of the school that is sort of considered the land of the Big Kids. The other moms in my daughter’s 3rd grade class all commiserated / celebrated the moment with me – we all agreed it was surreal to see them downstairs this year. We are excited for the year to come.

I spent the morning having coffee with school parents and then a quick trip to Target (of course) for a few random items still on my shopping list. I was feeling pretty much pure bliss driving in my oh so quiet car. Before I knew it though it was time to pick them up – they only had a half day today so we met Dan for lunch and then drove over to a nearby park to watch the solar eclipse.


Dan found these nifty glasses online several months ago – they have all the certifications that they have been tested and are safe to use and even on a pretty cloudy day they totally worked. Just looking around without the glasses it didn’t look like anything was really happening. The sun was only partially covered by the moon and the cloudiness honestly made it look like just a normal overcast day. But through the glasses we were able to watch the moon travel across the sun, covering all but a small crescent shaped portion of it. Pretty cool!

Were you able to see the eclipse at all from where you live?

When do your kids go back to school?

Who else wants my daughter’s unicorn dress to be made in grown up size?

3 responses to “First Day of School / Solar Eclipse”

  1. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar

    I watched the eclipse in Milwaukee yesterday. I borrowed some glasses from a co-worker, so I got to see it a couple of times. I agree that without the glasses you couldn’t even tell something was going on. I was a little bummed it didn’t really seem to get any darker, but I think that was due to the cloud coverage.

    My son starts 2nd grade on September 5th. They usually start on September 1st, but because that is a Friday, we get a few extra days of summer this year. Today started the back to school events at school, so I have a busy next couple of weeks as I am now the PTA president.


  2. grayharley Avatar

    I totally missed the eclipse. I was outside cutting the grass and not looking like I was told, thinking I would notice it get dark, it didn’t, and then realizing I somehow missed it. I did see an eclipse during school in the 60’s or early 70’s. We went back to school today as well.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I think if I hadn’t been told it was happening, I never would have noticed.