The 7 Stages of a Snow Day

snowI have a love / hate relationship with the snow but letsbehonest, it’s mostly the hating part. Don’t get me wrong – it all starts out fine:

You look outside and see those white fluffy balls of magic falling and oh yeah, it’s pretty great. Your Inner Olaf is there for it. The ground gets covered in a soft white blanket, life feels quieter for a moment and maybe you are even lucky and school gets cancelled so you can stay at home in your pajamas.

The first snow fall of the year comes with the bonus of having forgotten all about last year’s snowfalls. It’s kind of like child birth. Your kids ask to go play outside and you are a FUN MOM so you are there for it!


But did I mention that I’m not a very good winter person? Yeah after about five minutes I remember that I know nothing Jon Snow.


Snow is the worst. Being cold is the worst. Being outside in general is just a poor life choice. So I run back inside and make some hot cocoa immediately. I make some for the kids, too, because I’m still a FUN MOM. I’m just an Inside Fun Mom.


The kids eventually come back inside and for awhile it’s all  good. You let them play more video games than usual which ranks you up there with Rock Stars and You Tube Celebrities for a minute. You read a book, you play on your phone, cook something ridiculously unhealthy and easy for dinner and it’s all good. You got this.

But then it keeps snowing and the next day school is STILL CANCELED and your FUN MOM momentum bails on you. And you remember that your kids are like super annoying. I swear they weren’t always this annoying but after prolonged exposure anything stops being fun. Even your little darlings who cannot stop talking to you or fighting with each other. Suddenly cocoa starts to look more like this:


Eventually it stops snowing enough for school to close and your small children are ready to be shipped off to somewhere else. Hurray! But it’s a bittersweet victory because it also means you have to do this:


And this:


And this:


But if you survive all that, you get to go back to this:


So I guess it’s not all terrible.

What about you – how does snow make you feel?

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7 responses to “The 7 Stages of a Snow Day”

  1. Kat Avatar

    “Being outside in general is just a poor life choice.”….I’m dying. So true. I only like the looking out the window part.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      That part is pretty great! It’s beautiful from inside my house.


  2. John Holton Avatar

    I moved to Atlanta from Chicago to get away from the bad winters. We get snow or “wintry mix” about once a year, and about every other year it keeps us inside. Which is what we do: When we moved here, the neighbors told us to stay inside until it melts.

    By the way, my way of making a Snowman is to add peppermint schnapps to hot chocolate. Anisette or ouzo works, too…


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      That sounds like my kind of snowman!


  3. Cathy O Avatar

    Being outside is a poor life choice – lol! Great word choice!


  4. madamdreamweaver Avatar

    The guy scraping ice on the wind shield is hilarious. We live on the Florida Panhandle and around Christmas it actually got cold enough to put a light frost on Hubby’s car in the morning. We don’t have ice scrapers. We don’t expect to need them really, So hubby used a card in his wallet. (one of the plastic ones, but not a credit card.) LOL


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      That’s a genius solution! I hope you don’t need it again anytime soon!