8 Things I Accomplished This Week

It seems to be a “focus on the little things” kind of week. I’m home with a dog recovering from surgery and while it’s going well on the whole, I’m feeling very on guard basically 24/7 and very not getting much done in between.

But Mama Kat wants to know 8 things I accomplished this week and who am I to deprive her of that? So.

  1. I sweet talked my husband into giving me his journal because I liked it, wanted it, had to have it.
  2. I emptied the dishwasher Wednesday morning. Like a boss.
  3. I found the bag of pill pockets in the cupboard so I could trick the dog into taking his pain medicine.
  4. I got my oil changed. Then found out the car needs more repairs soon and only mildly freaked out about it.
  5. I put a tablespoon of guacamole into 48 tiny plastic cups for my daughter’s state fair Tuesday night.
  6. I emptied the dishwasher at least once.
  7. I figured out where the heck I put this month’s book club pick and even started reading the first chapter while waiting for my car to get its oil changed.
  8. I wrote this blog post – totally counts, right?

Clearly I am 100% on top of things here.

What have you accomplished this week?


  1. I notice emptying the dishwasher got mentioned twice—you must feel really good about that. I fill the dish washer. Hubby empties it. It’s one of his jobs. That and folding laundry.


    1. lmao you know I’m tired when I didn’t even notice that.


  2. Kat says:

    Hey, that sounds like a productive week to me!! I hope your pup is feeling better!


    1. He’s doing really well all things told. He’ll be back to 100 in another week when that awful cone comes off.


  3. John Holton says:

    Sounds like a productive week!


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