First Day of School: 4th Grade and 7th Grade


Today was their first day back to school and I have a million pictures to prove it. But I’ll be nice and only share like 5 because I know that I’m probably more interested in intensely poring over all the variations of each picture more than you are.


MM is starting 7th grade this year and he’s like, “I’ve got this down.” Mr. Cool, Calm and Confident. I kept my cool during picture time and drop off and all that but somewhere deep inside I’m like a melty puddle of mommy because like six minutes ago he looked like this:


And now we’re here:


According to his name tag, he wants to be a game designer when he grows up. I could see this happening and it makes me less irrationally angsty than when they tell me they want to be YouTube stars.


This one is in 4th grade this year and there’s some confidence here that feels new also. She ran downstairs to her classroom without me this morning and I realized I didn’t really need to follow. After I picked them up, I asked if she was okay with me not going downstairs and she said, “I like it when you come downstairs but I’m fine when you don’t,” or something like that. She sounded so grownup and rational and seriously guys.


When did the cheeks disappear?


This morning she told me she wants to be a pianist when she grows up. Not only did she know the correct pronunciation of the word, it sounded well thought out and obvious when she said it. Like, “Obviously, of course you do.” My sister-in-law actually is a pianist so maybe it’ll run in the family.

Also, can we take a moment to love on her fashion sense and that awesome hair style. That right there is a half side pony of her own invention – she’s got the rest of her hair pulled back in a normal pony tail, too. This should have looked weird but I actually kind of loved it.

Tomorrow is their first full day of school and I can’t wait to start going to Target by myself again! When do your kids go back to school? Are you feeling yahoo or boohoo about it this year?

4 responses to “First Day of School: 4th Grade and 7th Grade”

  1. Jess (Randomly Jess) Avatar

    Great first day of school photos! I can’t believe how fast kids grow up… none of mine are even below high school anymore!


  2. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar
    Kate Puleo Unger

    So cute! Christopher starts school on September 4th, and I am so ready for the routine. He’s been in full time day camp all summer, but I still like the routine of school. We’ve been jumping around to different camps all summer, and I’m exhausted with the mental load.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      It’s a lot to keep track of!


  3. Birdie Avatar

    They grow so fast! I’ll have to do a Kindergarten picture and a 9th grade picture of my daughter.

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