June, in Review.

I think I might be turning into a terrible blogger. Or at the very least a very busy mom who shows up to post on her blog once every two months and then makes empty promises to the thin air around her about how she’s going to start writing here more often, honestly.

I’m at that place in my blogging “career” where I’ve been around long enough to get bored of my own voice a couple of times now. I take breaks, I refocus, I go in and out of blogging a lot and not blogging much at all. I don’t think this current dry spell is anything different. But for my loyal fans and family back home wondering what we’ve been up to – here are some photographs from June that show you what life has been looking like whilst I’ve been too busy to write about it. Ready?


We went camping at my new favorite campground but it was so absurdly cold and rainy that we only stayed one night. That was a hard decision to make because the campground is several hours from home and we’d been fully intending to stay the whole weekend. Next year we will not book a camping trip there quite so early in the season. But before we packed it all in and drove home we managed to sit by a campfire, make an enormous amount of roasted marshmallows and s’mores, cook the perfect steak over the fire, get in a little bit of fishing and hiking and reaffirm that we love this campground. ‘Til next time.


My kids and Dan spent several weekend mornings fishing this month at a little pond the next town over. I took pictures, caught Pokemon nearby and complained that I was bored like the nice wife that I am.


My kids somehow morphed into the children that are WAY too big to be playing in a mall play area. When did that happen? Luckily the play area has been relatively empty the last few times that we met a friend to relax and play and I let them go nuts anyway with the stipulation that if they make me regret it, I will Mom Hulk Out on them about it. So far so good. Also remember when they were babies?


Speaking of Pokemon (I’m always speaking of Pokemon these days – my friends love it), we have been taking lots of Pokewalks this summer. And occasional Pokedrives and Pokesittingincoffeeshopsfightingingymbattles. Do you play Pokemon go? You can totally friend me – hit me up in the comments section with your friend code thing.


Because I’m bad at learning my lesson the first four times, I signed the kids up for the first session of swim lessons at the local pool and it was COLD. And rainy. And seriously I think one lesson out of the ten might have been warm enough to create happy well adjusted children who wanted to be there.


At the company picnic, my nine year old went on the Zipline while my thirteen year old and I watched from the ground thinking about how safe and sensible standing on the earth is. Seriously though, she freaking loved it and I’m super proud of her.


Last but certainly not least, did I mention that the next day my usually cautious thirteen year old flew a freaking airplane for the first time at the EAA Museum. We went there for Father’s Day and somehow stumbled into a very brief flying lesson for my eldest child. My husband was the proudest father who ever existed and I think everyone  collectively was super jealous and impressed.

2 responses to “June, in Review.”

  1. Nish Avatar

    Wowza! They flew an airplane? And talking about the mall play area makes me laugh so much! I used to have that problem too! And it was so embarassing to see my preteen daughter try to squeak by the height restrictions.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      The plane was sort of like a driver’s ed car, the real pilot had controls, too, and could take over. The pilot did take off and landing, and my son got to steer once they were in the air.