Some of our favorite 2019 memories so far.

Our summer vacation is half over. The kids go back to school in mid- August, a fact which makes most people do a double take because their kids have only been on vacation for like a month. #privateschoollife

We’ve had a BUSY summer and a lot of great summer memories are firmly under our belt. Here’s a not remotely exhaustive round up of some of the highlights of our summer.

Dan found the perfect little fishing pond nearby and he and the kids have been enjoying fishing together on lazy weekend mornings.

We’ve all become obsessed with Pokemon Go this summer. I finally seem to have a phone capable of playing the game without dying and Dan and I are oscillating between competitive and cooperative gameplay which is enough to make any hobby take up a lot of our time. Lots of Pokewalks and raids this summer.

My little Daredevil went on her first Zipline this summer. And then not to be outdone…

This one flew an airplane at the EAA museum the next day!

We took our annual vacation to Massachusetts to visit family and honestly had the best time catching up with everyone. We also went on a quick trip to Mount Wachusett which I’m ashamed to say was my first time despite having grown up basically around the corner from the place.

I made homemade strawberry jam for the first time and the reviews have been seriously ecstatic. I guess I need to make it more often because “best jam ever!” keeps getting thrown around.

My baby turned 10 and we celebrated basically everywhere all month but then for realsies we had a birthday party with some of her besties. The theme was Nancy Drew and I promise to tell you more about it later when I’m done sobbing about all my babies being double digits.

Last night my THIRTEEN year old earned his brown leader stripe in karate. This is the last step before testing for black belt which will probably happen this fall. Remember when he was a gangly first grader taking a free karate class on a whim? I sure do.

What have you been up to this summer?

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

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3 responses to “Some of our favorite 2019 memories so far.”

  1. madamdreamweaver Avatar

    What a cool fairly relaxing bunch of activities. I have blackberries in the freezer calling to me to make jam.


  2. John Holton Avatar

    Did your son actually take off, or was it a simulated experience? That’s seriously cool regardless. Happy birthday to your daughter, and congratulations to your teenager on his brown stripe!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      The teacher did the take off and landing, but he got to steer once they were in the air.