8 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall.


My kids go back to school on Monday and most of the moms I know are in two different camps about this:

  1. Half are sort of wistful and telling me it all went by too fast and they want more time to make those summer memories.
  2. The other half are like “Can I drop them off today?

I’ve gotta be honest. I’m in the second camp this year. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had an awesome summer and made some amazing summer memories. My kids are like the coolest shorties ever and it’s been good times. But…

  1. I’m looking forward to having some more alone time to recharge my Introvert who, as it turns out, cannot seem to do so when other people are breathing in the house.
  2. I can’t wait to go to the coffee shop and just get something for myself and only spend like $5. Which I still do sometimes during the summer but it earns me a stink eye from the Offspring.
  3. I have not had a lunch date with my husband all summer and I am very eager to get back to that routine. It was one of the best ideas we ever had last year.
  4. It goes without saying that I can’t wait to go to Target alone, right? Shopping with children just sucks the lifeblood right out of me and turns me into that mean, ranty mom who throws tantrums in the parking lot.
  5. I have these grand ambitions to start exercising again and I’ve convinced myself it will be easier when I don’t have to convince the kids that they want to go, too.
  6. I am pretty stoked to spend a significantly smaller portion of my day listening to my children bicker about whatever video game they have ambitions to play together. A lot less, “But I only like playing in survival mode! / But I only like playing in creative mode!” will do my spirit good.
  7. My Netflix queue has been sadly neglected all summer – between the kids clamoring to play video games or just being generally underfoot means I have not watched much in the way of grownup movies or television in months.
  8. Honestly I miss the routine that the school year demands of us. It’s one of those love / hate relationships but even when I’m angsty about early mornings and homework, having a set schedule is definitely good for all of us.

workshop-button-1.pngWhat about you? Are you ready for summer to be over or longing for just one more month?

I’m linking up with Mama Kat today – her writing prompts are always fantastic. Let me know in the comments if you are playing along.

3 responses to “8 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall.”

  1. Kat Avatar

    We are living the same life. I love my kids and I love that they get to have a break from getting up so early for school. But man, they are expensive when they are home! And it’s so loud. And they have expectations. And…I’m ready for school!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      The struggle is real! They have been back for 3 days and I have gotten so much done!


  2. madamdreamweaver Avatar

    I like getting back into the lunch date. After all, the kids will eventually move out. Also like the idea of spending $5 on something enjoyable at the coffee shop.