1000 Books You May Have Actually Read | My Thoughts and Results

I just filled out this 1000 Books You May Have Actually Read because I’m killing time before picking up the kids from school. I have read 183 of the books on this list. It was a really diverse list – fiction, nonfiction, YA, sci fi, children’s books, classics, horror.

My thoughts while scrolling through this were:

“Oh I remember this book!”

“This one is on my bookshelf but I haven’t read it yet.”

“My last book club read a lot of these.”

“Is this list maker stalking me?”

“Wow ok I haven’t read any of these.”

“Hmmm… Maybe I should join another book club?”

“Oh this was my favorite!”

“Ugh I hated this one.”

“I definitely shouldn’t join another book club.”

“I still need to read this one.”

“Maybe just one of those book clubs that really just drink wine?”

“I can’t wait to go home and read my book later.”

How many of the books on this list have you read?