1 Toddler + 1 Other Toddler = Recipe for Crazy

So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’m kind of a baby sitter now. Three or four days a week now, my two year old son and I spend our days with my good friend’s nearly three year old boy. Friend has a sort of half a week custody deal worked out withContinue reading “1 Toddler + 1 Other Toddler = Recipe for Crazy”

Media Storage Solutions? Please?

Last night we watched American Idol – it was Broadway night and a few contestants did Phantom of the Opera songs (okay by a few, I mean two, and by two I mean the David’s a.k.a. basically our favorites and by favorites I mean last night we were biased by our love of Phantom…) WeContinue reading “Media Storage Solutions? Please?”

Riding a Tricycle, Feeling So Free…

This weekend we took my son to Target, just to look for new key rings for our key chains which have seen better days; and on our way through the store we stumbled across… tricycles. Now dh and I are incredibly excited about tricycles but had no idea that MLM would even know how amazingContinue reading “Riding a Tricycle, Feeling So Free…”

They Say Home Is Where Your Heart Is, But…

My husband’s company has been talking about relocating in a couple of years, assuming that a few things take off for them the way that they anticipate. I have my worries about this and don’t like the idea of moving so far away from my family and friends, my father and I moved a lotContinue reading “They Say Home Is Where Your Heart Is, But…”

Happy Birthday: Gift Wrap On My Mind

So this Saturday was my son’s 2nd birthday party (his birthday is actually today) – we had a great time, especially after I made the executive decision the night before to purchase an ice cream cake at the grocery store, rather than attempting to bake 2 cakes on top of all the other cleaning andContinue reading “Happy Birthday: Gift Wrap On My Mind”

So, About That Next Baby Thing…

So DH and I have been talking for awhile now about “the next baby” and when we should have our next wee little one (and how she should be a girl, unless he’s a boy, and what will he or she be like and where should we all go on vacation next year and…). LatelyContinue reading “So, About That Next Baby Thing…”

Happy First Day of April!

So this morning is the 1st of April which means a few things to me: (one) the rent is due. This is never a happy thought – but knowing we have more than enough money to pay the rent IS a slightly happy thought – for a few months now we’ve been feeling a bitContinue reading “Happy First Day of April!”

How Have I NOT Read the Nancy Drew series yet??

Somehow despite my big appetite for books, there are always those classics that seem to evade me. While I was busy reading The Babysitters Club books, I somehow managed to avoid ever reading the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy series – perhaps they weren’t as colorful and current, I don’t know, but I missed out,Continue reading “How Have I NOT Read the Nancy Drew series yet??”

When Cleaning Sprees Go Crazy

What is it about visits from in-laws that send normally sane women into cleaning frenzies? Last minute frantic scrubbing in the bathroom to eliminate any sign that someone may have recently used the bathroom. Vacuuming the kitchen of any recent crumbs – going above and beyond the every day call of duty so that nobodyContinue reading “When Cleaning Sprees Go Crazy”