*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* T13: Thirteen Pieces of ASSvice, Tips and Formulas*

This is Jean @ workingmomma247 – Jen’s favorite Texan. Jen wanted us to share our birth story or parenting advice of how to handle more than 1 small child. I bring you 13 mom of multiple kid survival assvice tips and formulas. You can cry on my shoulder or thank me later – which everContinue reading “*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* T13: Thirteen Pieces of ASSvice, Tips and Formulas*”

Thirty Four Days? Holy Cupcake Batman!

July 21st is in just thirty four days. Part of me wants to snarkily add, “July 21 isn’t for 34 more days! ::sobs into hanky::” but seriously? Thirty four days. That’s soon! And we still have a lot to do – like packing the overnight bag – oh and we need to put together atContinue reading “Thirty Four Days? Holy Cupcake Batman!”

Pizza Angels Don't Protect Against Punches

After reading about the silly song Pizza Angel on Callapidder Days‘ blog, I got really excited about renting Minnesota Cuke – one of the many Veggie Videos I’ve somehow managed to not see yet. I was even more excited when I found out the video is a loose interpretation of the Indiana Jones series –Continue reading “Pizza Angels Don't Protect Against Punches”