Pizza Angels Don't Protect Against Punches

After reading about the silly song Pizza Angel on Callapidder Days‘ blog, I got really excited about renting Minnesota Cuke – one of the many Veggie Videos I’ve somehow managed to not see yet. I was even more excited when I found out the video is a loose interpretation of the Indiana Jones series – which I have only just recently watched in the series’ entirety and become a fan of (despite the utter lameness that was the second movie, Temple of BOOOOOOO – everyone knows the last movie was the best – except my husband’s boss who swears the first one was the best movie ever made, hands down – which is wrong, but that’s okay – to each their own) – my husband was equally enthused, so we popped the movie in after MM went to bed, and watched it for my second time, just ourselves – hooting and hollerin’ with laughter at the veggie hilarity that ensued.

We loved the Pizza Angel silly song, and adored the Minnesota Cuke storyline, which correlates so wonderfully with the Indiana Jones movies, somehow managing to fit in bits and pieces from all three movies with ease in 20 minutes. There was one small thing about this 1 hour disc on dealing with bullies that I didn’t love though, and I’d love your feedback on this.

The Veggie Tales approved method for dealing with bullies, is apparently, to simply allow bullies to pummel you, and do nothing – I get not condoning violence – and I get standing up to bullies and letting them know you don’t fear them – I truly, truly do. But I don’t get “turning the cheek” and letting someone beat you to a pulp and doing nothing – nothing, really? They can’t even learn to defend themselves? They should simply “trust in god?” the invisible somebody to take care of it for them – I don’t think this should be how people see God – as some invisible force that will solve all their problems – I think there is a lot to be said for solving your own problems.

I am not saying Junior Sparagus should be fighting these bullies and picking fights of his own – I’m not saying he should seek revenge which is something I don’t believe in. I’m saying he should block a punch or two, and try to keep himself from black and blue futures – he shouldn’t allow himself to be stuffed into lockers and he shouldn’t simply “turn his cheek” – that just seems foolish.

Everything else I’m fine with – I’m fine with loving our enemies – I get that those enemies are likely hurting somewhere inside themselves and it’s likey why they are bullies – I think talking out your problems first is sensible and smart – but taking a beating and not defending yourself just seems dumb to me. Sorry to anyone who disagrees.

I’ve always thought Junior was just asking for a beating with some of his other actions, but I expected he’d at least learn to defend himself. Seriously.

4 thoughts on “Pizza Angels Don't Protect Against Punches

  1. I agree, and it is written somewhere in the bible (that whole devil tempting Jesus thing) that God is not going to “save” you from everything. I have no quotes cause well Im not good at that kind of thing.

    Though I will say that Pizza Angel song my kids sing all the time..for whatever thats worth. πŸ™‚


  2. My husband and I both agree that on the other hand, we are glad that the movie advises kids to talk to their mom and dad and DOESN’T say it’s okay to fight bullies, because they’d probably get in a lot of trouble saying that – I’m glad they go with the mildest advice possible for that reason – I just don’t like hiding behind god for things like this, you know? I don’t know – my utter lack of religion probably plays into this – but I stand by my beliefs, or lack thereof.


  3. I agree that it seems ridiculous to expect our kids to do nothing in this situation. But really, when you put it that way, a bully has no power. However, my kids are allowed to defend themselves. (which actually gets you in trouble at the schools!)

    I just wanted to comment that maybe I like the commercials in movies now, because if movies were $12 a ticket, I would NEVER see one because I am a big tight wad!


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