“I was going to exercise, but, see, my shower is broken…”

I was going to try out the workout DVD that I’m renting from Netflix – the 10 Minutes Solution Fat Basting Dance Mix (doesn’t that sound way cooler than sweating while jiggling?) but I can’t. Because my shower’s broken.

Now before you tell me, “Jen, that’s the worst excuse ever in the history of terrible excuses,” hear me out (read me out?) …

I called maintenance as early as I possibly could this morning (9:01am, office opens at 9) to report that our shower knob thing is almost impossible to turn on suddenly and that we have no control over temperature at all (which means I can’t bathe my son no matter how disgusting he gets, for fear of scalding his beautiful skin – never mind my skin). She (whoever she was) took down all my information and said she’d have someone come look at it ASAP.

But apparently ASAP doesn’t mean “before 2pm” because I’ve sat at home all day waiting (not that I wouldn’t have sat at home otherwise, but you know, if I weren’t waiting for them I COULD go out – we could be at the playground right now if it weren’t for this, you know?) and still no sign of someone who will fix my poor shower.

And now MM is “napping” and I could be trying out my DVD but there are two problems with this:

  1. If maintenance guy shows up, I’d rather he not show up in the middle of the sweating and the jiggling with lord knows what embarrassing music playing.
  2. If he doesn’t show up and I do get sweaty from all my jiggling, I can’t shower to clean myself off. And I mean MAYBE I won’t sweat, but if so that’s a pretty terrible workout and either way so not a risk I’m willing to take.

So there you have it – I cannot exercise today because my shower is broken.

– EDIT –

Success! Of sorts. The maintenance guy finally showed up and is fixing my shower. Which means if I do decide to exercise later (remind me to come up with another excuse in a minute) at least I won’t have to sweat and jiggle in front of a stranger.

So, what should my new excuse be?


I Am From…

I saw this meme at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom and it looked soooo cool I just had to try and play along and tell you all where I am from…

I am from a small New England town where change happens slowly and family is all around.

I am from kitchens with cookies always baking, coffee or tea always brewing, and a second helping is assumed.

I am from a place where family and friendship have always gone hand in hand, side by side, almost indistinguishable from one another.

I am from a land of cousins and cousins’ cousins. A place where everyone is family even when they’re not.

I am from a world where grandmother’s never seem to age, time stands still but rushes by with new faces and old.

I am from a place with nature in ever nook and cranny of our lives. Reservoirs and leafy trees standing majestic all around me.

I am from a family filled with laughter and personality. Filled to the brim with love and adoration for one another, always lending a helping hand, always at the ready to celebrate life’s bigger moments, and smaller ones, too.

I am from a kitten’s kisses, a purr always nearby, waiting too be fed, loved and then forgotten when she’s ready to hide. A world that understands a cat’s never ending love, that never needs to be defined or acknowledged. Whether perching for her closeup, or hiding behind a cushion, it’s love is always there.

I am from a place where cameras are always clicking – and camera shy people are better left behind.

I am from a land of love and a place where childhood is cherished and adored. Where grandmothers are the law and grandchildren are everything. Where playtime is the best time and a hug and a kiss is always nearby.

Where are you from?

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6 Questions To Ask Yourself

Saw this post at ZenHabits, then saw it again at my good friend FunkePunkeMonke‘s blog. It’s officially a bandwagon, and so you know I’m joining, never one to be left out of things willingly:

1. Who do I love, and what am I doing about it? If you aren’t spending time with the people you love, change that. If you are holding a grudge against a family member, let it go and reconcile. If you’ve done something to hurt a loved one, ask for forgiveness. Drop the pride, and make up. If you haven’t seen someone in awhile, call them now to set up a date.

I love my family – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I love my friends. I try to see them as often as I can, but other people I love require more time from me – like my husband and son. I try to appreciate them in every way I can – and not let the “chore” of visiting people interfere with our own happiness. Sometimes if you find yourself visiting people out of habit, going out of your way out of obligation, and I’ve had to cut those events where I can. We try to see our family as much as we can, but can meaning as much as we like without going crazy, and not as much as we are physically able to. There are however friends we don’t see as much as we’d like – it’s easier to let these things slip – time and obligations get in the way. That’s why I started a monthly “Game Night” with my friends – where they have a standing invitation to come over for pizza and fun. Some months only a couple people show up, other months it’s a full house. Either way, it’s always a good time and we’re happy knowing we’ve made an effort to socialize with people we love.

2. Am I pursuing my dream, or is fear stopping me? What have you always wanted to do? Maybe something you dreamed of as a child but have given up as unrealistic? Maybe something you still want to do but are afraid of failing? What fears are stopping you? And what would be the worst that could happen if you overcame those fears and pursued your dream?

If you’re already pursuing your dream, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing awesome!

At the moment I think I am pursuing the dreams I’m able to – being a mother and a wife and doing all of the “family” things I didn’t really get to do, growing up an only child with a single working father. We vacation together, we spend time being lazy together, we laugh together. I love it. I’d love to travel more and I want to own our own home, but these are things which can only happen with time and preparation. We are doing the best we can.

I would like to focus more attention to writing eventually, but I can’t very well write when I have nothing to write about – I’m already blogging, something I began about 6 months ago – which is more than I could say before that.

3. Am I doing something that matters? There’s a difference between doing work, and doing work that really matters. Much of the time, we use up the few days we have on this earth with busy-work, stuff that doesn’t make much difference, and that’s sadly a waste of our lives.

I’m home and there for my children, and I think that matters more than anything. I do want to do more charity work, but right now I’m trying to enjoy my time with my young son and focus on that.

4. What am I doing to help others? Kind of ironically, you get the most out of life not just by taking what you can for yourself, but by giving to others. What have you done lately to help people out? Have you been kind to people? Have you been compassionate? Have you been there for anyone? Listened? Volunteered for those in need? If you’re not doing anything to help others, this is a good time to figure out one thing you can do for someone, and put it into action. Ask this question on a regular basis, and you’ll make kindness a habit.

I don’t do as much charity work as I’d like, but I am providing very cheap (often free) childcare for a friend in need – it isn’t always easy or fun, and it gets stressful, but I know it means a lot to her and that she’d be struggling much more without me.

5. Am I as good a person as I want to be? I ask this of myself all the time. Sometimes, when I’m impatient or selfish or less-than-helpful, I think back on what I’ve said and done and realize that I could have done better. Instead of beating myself up about it, I endeavor to try harder, to remember to allow my better angels to guide me, to rise above the trivialities of life to a higher plane.

There is always room for improvement but overall I think I’m a good person with a kind heart, always striving to be better, which I consider another  good thing.

6. What am I doing to live life with passion, health and energy? You can do all the right things, and yet live a life that’s dull and sluggish. If you let your health go, you will have little energy and you will waste the minutes you have left on illness. Instead, learn to live a healthy life, with good foods and exercise. This will lead to more energy in your life. And then direct that energy into something you’re passionate about.

This is definitely something to work on. I’ve started a diet with Jen @ Daily Mish Mash and it’s helping in small ways but there’s a long way to go.

Are you living the best life you can?

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A Month of Menu Planning: September

So not only is it Monday, the start of the week, but it’s also September 1, the start of the month. That means a few things: Rent is due, vacation is in FOUR days, and it’s time to put up my menu plan for the month of September.

I’ve made a few revisions since my first attempt at this whole menu planning thing, deciding some things were too heavy or time consuming to plan to do every week, and other things needed a whole night of their own. All of my “themes” are totally just a starting point, and not set in stone – because this is supposed to make planning my dinners easier not mundane, boring and restrictive.

So here’s my menu plan for September:

The Themes

Mondays: freezer food-ish
Tuesdays: italian night
Wednesdays: all american meal
Thursdays: stir fry / skillet meal
Fridays: soup & sandwich
Saturdays: pizza night / mexican night
Sundays: something easy & preferably light

Week One

Monday: LABOR DAY Brie wrapped in filo dough w/ cherry preserves and fresh fruit
Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Wednesday: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup sounds heavenly
Thursday: Orange Chicken w/ basmati rice & Asian veggies
Friday: We’ll be on Vacation until…

Week Two

Monday: Beer-battered fish, French Fries & Caesar Salad
Tuesday: Gnocchi, Red Sauce w/ Ground Beef, Garlic Bread
Wednesday: Chicken Strips, mashed potatoes & corn on the cob
Thursday: Trader Joes Chicken BBQ Teriyaki, Asian Veggies, Basmati Rice
Friday: grilled cheese & chili
Saturday: Build Your Own Soft Taco / Burrito Night
Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie (Mrs Budds)

Week Three

Monday: chicken strips, mashed potatoes & corn on the cob
Tuesday: Multi-Colored Spiral Pasta (w/ garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese), Caesar salad & a peasant bread
Wednesday: Hot Dogs, Mac’N’Cheese, Baked Beans (the magical fruit)
Thursday: Orange Chicken w/ basmati rice & Asian veggies
Friday: grilled cheese & Italian Wedding soup
Saturday: Spinach and Feta Pizza perhaps?
Sunday: Mexican Pizza Enchilada Style

Week Four

Monday: Frozen Pizzas w/ frozen apps
Tuesday: fettuccine Alfredo, broccoli, grilled chicken
Wednesday: Hamburgers w/ build your own sides
Thursday: Trader Joes BBQ Teriyaki chicken, Asian veggies, basmati rice
Friday: Grilled Cheese & clam chowder
Saturday: It’s Game Night at Chez Momma, so we’ll do a cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and two spinach feta pizzas and maybe some homemade breadsticks, too? I might even make a dessert (maybe)
Sunday: Brie wrapped in filo dough w/ cherry preserves and fresh fruit

Week Five

Monday: steak and cheese sandwiches, Caesar salads
Tuesday: Swedish meatballs & pasta
Wednesday: FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER, beer battered fish, mased potatoes & crinkle cut carrots
Thursday: Orange Chicken, Asian veggies, and basmati rice
Friday: Grilled Cheese & chicken noodle soup
Saturday: fried chicken, potato wedges & corn on the cob
Sunday: Build Your Own Burritos

Huge thanks to Simple Mom who inspired me with this whole menu planning idea in the first place!

What’s on your menu plan this month?

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Children’s Classics: on the wasted potential of my youth

I think I may have mentioned I love to read, and have loved reading since I was a young child. I may have mentioned my grandmother taking me to the local library, lying to me about the book limit that there wasn’t, and consequently me taking out 17 books at a time for years for no reason…

Plowing through 17 books at a go, several times a week had the potential to open me up to a world of literature. So it surprised me when I decided to participate in this month’s Children’s Classics Carnival at 5 Minutes for Books devoted to the middle reader range (8-12 years old) that I was at a loss for what book I could write about – indeed a quick search of the classics for that age range yielded a lot of, “Oh yeah, I never did read that, did I?” What happened? I can assure you, I was reading. A lot. 17 books at a time, a lot.

So what’s my excuse for being very poorly read in the 8-12 middle reader range of classic children’s literature – well I was very busy reading what I consider to be the classic children’s book series for the tween readers of my generation and beyond – that’s right, The Baby Sitter’s Club. Oh you’ve heard of them? Oh you haven’t? Regardless, yeah I read them, yeah I still own them, yeah I think the newer books are garbage. Yeah I religiously skipped the first chapter of every book after say the 3rd installment of her hundreds long series, because yeah seriously, they are ALL the SAME. Way to utilize the copy and paste button that may or may not have been available to you then (…and ohhh if it wasn’t, do I ever pity you Ann).

And when I say I own them, I mean I have a box somewhere with quite possibly 100 of them, and I refuse to sell them – my daughters may need those books someday – heck, I may want to read them again someday. And I’m certain if that day comes I won’t easily find them all again – bookstores everywhere are stocked with the most pathetic selection ever and almost always have new ugly horrible covers.

And okay, there’s a chance I won’t really read them all again. I’ve found some of those old chapter books can be painful to read as a grown up – even Nancy Drew made me want to scouge my eyes out with a spork trying to read it recently. Which is strange when I read a lot of the current middle reader books, like the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, the Harry Potter, the Lemony Snicket, yeah I’m up on all of that. Did the old books I devoured just suck or is there something wrong with me? Although, okay, I’ll admit I don’t re-read many books ever anyway, so there’s that. Sometimes it just sucks to already know what happens I guess.

But I loved the Baby Sitters Club. I watched the movies, I bought the merchandise, I almost never baby sat ever until I was in college, but still considered myself an avid fan. I was disappointed when I too turned 13 and found, lo and behold, I was still very much a kid, the boys were not hunky gorgeous, and I was not cool – what happened? It wasn’t until years of watching Dawsons Creek and Buffy that I caught on to the fact that we don’t like looking up to our exact selves, but older more mature versions of what we’ll never be.

And now I have no idea what I’m talking about, but just wanted to say, Baby Sitters Club – I ❤ you, and I’ll never sell you even if my husband begs, even if we have all boy children – there is still hope for grandchildren, Ann M. Martin, I will find a use for all your works yet. I thank you for entertaining me through those years, for lying to me ever so sweetly about what being 13 would really be like, and for writing so so many books – you had your work cut out for you, I know, knowing that I’d be in the following week looking for 17 new books and it took you a long, long time to start running out of steam – and by then I was ready for Janet Evanvoich. And by then I realized my grandmother had lied to me. It’s okay grandma, I forgive you.

So thank you Ann M. Martin. And goodbye (and by goodbye, I mean, I’m going to try and publish this already so I can write my NEXT brilliant post).

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It’s a Barking Mad Dinner Party @ Momma’s House (Apartment)

So Auds over at Barking Mad had this brilliant idea to host a bloggy “dinner party” – not a real dinner party with like food and stuff but more like a bloggy group hug – I think you are awesome, let’s celebrate kind of party… Confused? Here’s what Auds wrote:

Create a post telling us who you are inviting and what about that person’s writing makes you think they’d be an intriguing/funny/interesting person to share a meal with… Once you’ve created your post, be sure and come back here and link (Mr. Linky makes it EASY PEASY!) to that specific post on your blog, and make sure you link back here telling others about the Barking Mad Dinner Party.

So yeah, I thought this sounded like fun. Before I get to the guest list, I thought I’d tell you what a dinner party at our place would be like, if you could come here in person – for starters, we’d all be crammed into our tiny little apartment which would be rather funny if you all brought children, spouses, or dates. We’d definitely sitting stacked on one another’s laps, let’s put it that way!

I’d think about cleaning up beforehand, but there would likely still be toys everywhere, as it’s impossible to explain to a two year old why the apartment can’t look like people live there. On the menu would be homemade pizza by my husband – who experiments with his recipe often enough that I’m not sure I could tell you exactly what kind of pizza it will be, but can safely assure you that you will probably be in love with it. He makes excellent pizza.

It will probably not be a big booze fest, as all of our parties these days seem to actively involve the kiddos and well it would seem strange to me to get all tipsy while in charge of small children. There would be plenty of sodas and juice boxes to go around a very “serve yourself” atmosphere although I will ask you all about 15 times if I can get you anything to eat or drink, because I’m like that.

If the occasion seems right, we’ll probably pull out some board games for the grown ups, some decks of cards for the non board game playing grown ups, and probably put on a movie for the kids. But it’d be a pretty laid back, fly by the seats of our pants kind of affair. And I’ll probably not look at the clock all night, so if you stay too late, please don’t blame me as I’ll have no idea what time it is until everyone leaves and I’m wondering why it’s 2am already. This also means you can pretty much feel free to pop in whenever as I won’t know the difference. 🙂

Sound fun? GREAT! So let’s see, who’s invited? The guest list for this party was so difficult for me – there are so many great bloggers out there that I’d love to “invite” but here is my list of 10 bloggers who I think would all mostly get along, be hysterical and hopefully have a good time with one another. 🙂 But anyone who wants to crash the party is more than welcome – we don’t play by the rules here! Come on over!

Oh right, the people who are invited formally are:

  • Patrice @ not a girl, not yet a woman : The only non-wife or mom to be invited, but such a cool girl she actually should have no problem fitting in here – and I’m sure her upcoming tales of college life will be thrilling and fun to live vicariously through. Not to mention, hanging out at a party full of moms and kids will be like the most stellar form of birth control on the planet! Gee, now I’m hoping she’ll even want to come… haha But seriously, Patrice is awesome – I think a lot of you know her blog and will agree that she’d be warmly welcomed in this group!
  • Jen @ daily mish mash : Jen can be counted upon to provide the perfect blend of light hearted humor and serious conversations about things that matter – proof can be found of this just glancing through her blog – her posts ranging in topic from blogging for blood cancer to how absolutely gorgeous Ryan Gosling is – and as long as none of you have a problem with Gosling being hers entirely, there should be no problems! 😉
  • Jessica @ farm fresh : I don’t know about you, but my baby cravings get kicked into overdrive very easily, still if Jess and her brand new bundle of awww could make it to the dinner party, that would be stellar. I’m figuring she’d be digging the idea of getting out and hanging with some gal pals and that her gal pals would love to ogle some cute not quite one month old newborn Cadrian goodness.
  • Susie @ raising the boys : Susie is one of my favorite moms to twitter with, and as the mother of two adorable boys, we’ll be sure to have fun sharing in the fun and shennanigans that go along with having too much testosterone in the home (okay so I only have one son, but I baby sit SB so often I may as well have two!). Susie is hysterical and she’ll have to tell us all about her recent trip to Vegas if she can make it to the party!
  • McMommy @ (where else?) The McMommy Chronicles : I’m thinking it’s just not a party unless McMommy is in the hiz-ouse – her sense of humor cracks me up for hours on end, and if there’s a dull spot in the party (not that there will be, but just in case…) I’ll be counting on her (or her supposedly funnier husband) to crack the joke that brings life back to the party quicker than you can do something funny and quickly. Are you up for the challenege, McMommy? Did that horrible joke a sentence back or so make it clear how much I’ll be needing you there? 🙂
  • Jill @ the diaper diaries : She’ll be able to deftly juggle conversations about motherhood, pediatric physical therapy and traveling China – how many of you mommas can say that? And if she’s as witty, diverse and well spoken as her blog would lead you to believe, she should be able to make conversation about those things like you’ve never conversed before. (Notice how I cleverly corner you girls into being witty
  • Dana @ super nanny, where are you? : You know  those mothers who do everything so annoyingly well that it makes you want to punch them in the face? Yeah, well Dana is not one of those mothers – she’s real, like you, like me (well maybe not like you, but definitely like me…) And I mean that in the most awesome way possible – she is awesomely real, and will admit when she’s normal, and not shy away from telling you about her day, no matter how colorful her bathroom sink gets or not quite glamorous her baking attempts LOOK – but you know they taste amazing – she’ll be real with you, and laugh with you at the hysterics of your own brood as well – and I like love that. We can punch people in the face together. Word.
  • Jen @ stuff jen says : I’m thinking now that there will be THREE Jen’s at the party, that hilarity will likely ensue each time someone says “Jen” and we all say “yes?” or maybe we’ll all refuse to say anything just to be contrary like that, who knows? Point is, that’s not why I’m inviting Jen from Stuff Jen Says – but because, like Jen from Daily Mish Mash, she is awesome. I always love reading the posts on her blog, so I think it’s safe to assume I’d love hanging out with her at this party as well, and oh come on – three Jens in one apartment – it’s gonna be awesome! (Yes I am still aware there will be no real dinner party. Yes it makes me sad…)
  • Auds @ barking mad : Well you know I have to invite Auds, this thing was her amazing idea! So I’m counting on her to know what to do when I run out of ideas or burn the invisible food that I won’t be cooking. In between searching for my invisible fire extinguisher she can make her husband talk to us in a British Accent (which will amuse me for hours on end, anyway) and we can all swap stories about our experiences with using Sun In in the 80’s…
  • Karen @ write from karen : And lastly, Karen, who couldn’t be least if she tried – Karen has to come – she’s one of my absolute favorite bloggers, one of several great meme thinker uppers on here, and the mother of teenage boys – guys, that’s huge – someday I myself will be the mother of a teenage boy and it frightens me beyond belief – It’s Karen’s dear blog that makes me think there is still hope yet, and that I may be able to survive such a thing without losing my cool completely.

And now I’m thinking maybe nobody will show up – maybe I didn’t cook all of this food for no good reason and there will be nobody to not eat it all with me – I’m toying with the idea of crawling back into my pajamas and pretending this whole thing never happened and I never wanted a social life anyw…

Hold on, somebody is at the blogDoor –

“oh my god, you came!!!!!!”

Don’t you totally want to come to my Bloggy Dinner Party now? All the Cool Kids are doing it – And, don’t forget, it’s a not a party without crashers!

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Just Another Manic Monday

Got to be to work by nine
And if I had an air-o-plane
I still couldn’t make it on time
Just another Manic Monday

How would your friend describe you to someone who has never seen you? She’s that girl, you know the one – with shortish brown hair, glasses – looks a bit like a Daria, until she starts talking – okay, maybe even when she’s still talking – she’s that short girl married to that tall guy, the mother of that short cute two year old boy with the ridiculously blue eyes – no her eyes are brown I think – come on, I know you know who I mean – that girl!! (I think I’m memorable when you get to know me, but based solely on appearance I am the epitome of forgettable – it’s true)

Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why? My husband and my father … and a good deal of my family and friends – I must rock because I can think of quite a few people who’d probably rush to protect me given the need. You guys rock!!!

If you died or went missing, who would miss you? Um well my son and husband, and all those people I mentioned in question two – gosh depressing much – and you, dear bloggy friends, will you miss me when I’m gone? Will you miss reading all of my memes and those one or two occasional posts of quality? You will, won’t you?

This meme was stolen from Fond of Snape, but apparently originated at Manic Monday the Blog – I know I already did a “Monday Meme” today, but this one looked fun, too, and is equally short, so I think you all can deal right? Besides – fun!!


Favorite Moments from Father’s Day Weekend

This weekend was a large, hectic, busy blur that left me more exhausted than the Friday I woke up to it. It began with a long overdue date night in which my husband and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and ended with me snuggled on the comfiest chair in the apartment watching the latest disc of Bones that we received via Netflix the day prior. Sounds pretty relaxed and cozy huh? Yeah I haven’t mentioned the whirlwind in the middle – a wedding in RI, the fastest grocery shopping trip of our lives, and the strangest Fathers Day I’ve ever had.

But I won’t bore you with my whining about things that went bad, no for this blog, I will focus on the really really good – my favorite moments from the weekend – I bet there were more than I realize as I type this.

These are in no particular order, at least not intentionally:

1. The yummiest salad I’ve ever had was enjoyed at Uno’s Chicago Grill – behold the GORGONZOLA WALNUT SIDE SALAD: Mixed lettuces, tomato, red onion,  cucumber, walnuts,  Gorgonzola and croutons with a blueberry pomegranate  vinaigrette drizzled on top. You know it’s a good meal when the entree comes and I don’t immediately abandon the salad that I was somehow possessed to order in spite of previous good judgment. This salad was delicious!

2. Finding that there were movies on this planet that my husband has seen and I have not. A serious strange anomaly that rarely occurs. I took dh to see the new Indiana Jones movie, in spite of never having seen the others (didn’t even know for sure how many there were) and found I loved it, and my husband demanded that I find a chance to watch the first three movies with him. I happily agreed and look forward to it. A lovely 40 % off coupon from Borders then magically gave us the perfect excuse to buy the box set for a steal of a price that very night. The coupon was one I’d read about a week before and forgotten about until 1 hour before it expired – what are the odds?

3. Chasing two adorable toddlers around the Fort Wetherill State Park in RI as one of my long time besties exchanged the vows of marriage on one of the most gorgeous days of the month. Perfect.

4. Seeing my father perform on stage for the first time (at least that I’m aware of) on Father’s Day – I was so proud of him and as a fringe benefit got to see an amazing musical and later meet the cast and crew of the Central Mass Onstage – a group my dad’s been doing behind the scenes work with for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge and audition for a show – and not just any show, but Seussical the Musical. I watched with my aunt (his big sister) and her family and we had a great time catching up and sharing in my dad’s big moment together. Again, way more on this later.

And that’s it. For once I won’t try to think up a 5th favorite moment just to make it an even list – these were the top of the crust for this weekend which will go down in history as a good one, an exhausting one, and a first in many ways.


I Will Never Be The Woman With The Perfect Hair, Who Can Wear White and Not Spill On It.

Count on Carrie Bradshaw to sum it up perfectly. I just got back from Sex and the City: The Movie and in a word, it was, of course, fabulous. And because, like Carrie, I’m a writer – you know I’ll need more than one word to sum all this up. I laughed, I cried, I saw body parts that I didn’t know were allowed to be shown in a movie, even a rated R movie. And man did I see life, in all it’s sloppy yet gorgeous glory. I saw my life, the lives of my friends, and the mistakes we all make, on the big screen as only Candace Bushnell could portray it.

It was probably all very obvious and well guessed and yet it shocked and stunned me at every corner – I had no idea what my movie ticket had gotten me in for. I re-learned that marriage, while it can be hard work, should not “feel like chemo” – that it’s about two people, no matter how many years you’ve devoted to yourself up until then. It’s about living in the now and letting go – and not getting caught up in the labels, the what people thinks, and the baggage. It’s about love.

So with that happy probably only half-coherent note, I leave you all and bid you good night and a fabulous weekend. I hope you will all greet the coming morning with a very Carrie-d away, “Hello lover,” or at the very least remember to be fabulous, at 20 or 50 or somewhere in between. Enjoy every moment, and for just this once, don’t bother with the spell check.