Looking Back: 2008 In Review

January 2008

Shortly after ringing in the new year we were still kind of getting used to life in our new apartment, enjoying watching MM learn new things every day and taking way too many pictures of nothing in particular. Since I wasn’t blogging yet I don’t really have any specific notes on what was going on then, but I suspect it wasn’t much.

February 2008

This month my husband bought me flowers for Valentines Day and I discovered a fun new way to preserve that memory long after the flowers died. We also bought MM his first set of ABC magnets which spurned a very fast and furious learning of the alphabet – he now knows his ABCs inside out and upside down and it’s really rather amazing.

March 2008

During a snow storm that month we made our first snowman as a family and MM had a blast helping daddy to roll snow balls. I had a blast taking photographic evidence and devouring hot chocolate afterwards.

On March 13 I started this whole blogging thing. I went from “never blogged” to “can’t stop blogging” in one fell swoop. We also bought our first pet, Freddy the Hamster in March AND dh’s coveted Nikon D40.

April 2008

MM turned 2 this month and we had a big party at the apartment with friends and family. After feeling racked with guilt for not wanting to bake a cake, I bought a Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake which was absolutely delicious and decided that whether I bake or not shouldn’t be important, as long as we all have a good time.

In April we started seriously talking about having another baby but at that point it was mostly just talking. My husband’s company also began talking about moving to another state – we’re still just talking about that one, although dh and I both wish it would happen asap.

May 2008

For Mothers Day we took my MIL and family to the nearby zoo and although we all had a fantastic time, MM still didn’t seem to actually notice any of the animals. He did notice and enjoy the orange stuffed monkey and cute sun hat that we bought him there.

I started baby sitting for a friend of mine that month a few times a week and it was certainly interesting spending so much time with someone else’s child – and letting MM learn how to interact with another young child his age.

June 2008

In June my friend had her first baby, and his complete utter cuteness really kicked me baby craving into high gear. We’d already been sort of trying for a second child, but the birth of my friend’s baby probably boosted my determination tenfold. We also took down MM’s crib finally starting him out in his first big boy bed, by putting the crib mattress right down on the carpet. He loved it and took to the whole concept right away. MM also got his FIRST hair cut this month and although I was hesitant to cut his hair which to me it seemed had just started to finally grow, he looked so cute afterwards that I was all weepy and lovey dovey and officially a big fan of the hair cut concept. That month my father also performed in a play for the first time on Fathers Day Weekend – Seussical the Musical!

That month I also participated in the It’s Real Life photo meme hosted by Jessica @ Farm Fresh, the meme that started it all for me – after that I was hooked and I now meme regularly – maybe more than I don’t meme. We bought our first GPS that month – a cute TomTom who changed the way we drove as we knew it.

July 2008

In July I stumbled across Twitter and became infatuated with it for several weeks before suddenly burning out on it entirely. I almost never use it now but for awhile I seriously couldn’t tear myself away!

August 2008

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary – he bought me Breaking Dawn and I bought him The Princess Brideon DVD. That month I started the Looking Fine by 2009 challenge @ Daily Mish Mash. I still had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I needed to lose some weight and I was hoping the ye old internet would help me find a way.

September 2008

In September we took a family vacation to the White Mountains, visiting Santa’s Village and Storyland and taking hundreds of pictures along the Kankamagus Highway. We also took MM apple picking for the first time, and I learned that I LOVE fuji apples.

That month my best friend Ange started her own blog @ Red Knows How and I was so excited introducing her to this fun new world which had flipped my life upside down. I think she’s at least half as hooked as I am now. 😉

October 2008

In October I finally convinced my husband to let me go self-hosted and we bought mommablogsalot.com! Also, after the success of apple picking we decided to take MM pumpkin picking and although it wasn’t quite as successful a trip, we did get a pumpkin and some cute pictures. We’ll definitely go back next year. That Halloween MM dressed up as The Man In The Yellow Hat (a costume we made) and the whole thing was a big hit and really fun to take pictures of.

November 2008

In November I scored a much needed hair cut and bought the family a Nintendo Wii – we haven’t been the same since. We also found out in November that I was finally pregnant with Baby # 2. At the end of the month we made our first Gingerbread House, ringing in the holiday season.

That month was when my Looking Fine by 2009 progress finally started to improve as dh and I began calorie counting paired with a small amount of exercise, I finally started to see the weight drop!

December 2008

In December we had a huge ice storm followed by a very big snow storm. Hundreds of homes lost power from fallen branches and power lines – many members of my family were without power for at least one week. Luckily we were somehow spared from this and only lost our internet and cable for one weekend – nothing in comparison.

This month I learned how to make a party hat from a Trader Joe’s flier, went to my first OB appointments for the baby, took numerous pictures of the Christmas tree with varying success, and thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas holiday. I wrote more about that here.

And that, folks, was 2008. Right now it’s 2:56 p.m. and there is approximately 10 hours left until 2009 arrives. I’ve enjoyed my fill of ’08 and I’m ready to make some new memories in ’09 and share them with you along the way. Thanks to another storm it looks like we’ll very likely be staying home for the bell drop, but to those of you going out (and heck those of you staying home, too) have a safe and happy NYE tonight and sleep in late if you can!

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