NYE Party @ The Roost: Top 10 Pictures from 2008

#01. This photo was taken in January – I was having him model the UMass shirt I’d bought for him (before he was born) and this shot really stood out to me – one of many ‘looking up’ shots that I’ve gotten throughout his life.

#02. Taken shortly after a bath that spring – loved the ‘tussled hair’ look! We like to call this the future blackmail shot.

#03. I love how his smile just lights up this picture (taken in early summer / late spring). He’s sitting inside a toy basket on its side.

#04. I love this shot of him doing a full belly laugh – he was doing it over and over that day and we were so psyched to get a picture of it!

#05. Taken in the fall, this Santa hat is always lying around somewhere but it looked so cute with these pajamas that I had to get a picture – we used this in our Christmas card.

#06. Taken at Santa’s Village in the White Mountains, he’s saying “slow and steady wins the race” because that’s what a turtle says, you know.

#07. I love this shot that I got while MM was playing on a new old tractor at my father’s house. That’s my father’s wife standing in the shadow and I loved the contrast of darkness and light here.

#08. A random shot of MM’s Man In The Yellow Hat costume for Halloween – I think this picture perfectly captures the essence of the costume.

#09. I took this picture during a walk through our apartment complex with MM this fall – I loved that I was able to catch the stick falling in motion but everything else in the shot was crisp and clear.

#10. One of the first pictures I took of our Christmas tree – this shot was technically an “out take” but it’s still my favorite of the bunch.

For more participants in the New Years Eve Party hosted @ The Roost just click here.


  1. @ Jen – Daily Big Top : haha well I did include the kumquat in my bigger wrap up post, but I decided to go with photographically best photos if that makes sense and despite being exciting it wasn’t really a favorite photograph, you know?


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