1 Toddler + 1 Other Toddler = Recipe for Crazy

So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’m kind of a baby sitter now. Three or four days a week now, my two year old son and I spend our days with my good friend’s nearly three year old boy. Friend has a sort of half a week custody deal worked out with her dead beat ex, I mean, son’s father, so traditional day care would be kind of weird for her to arrange – despite her stable schedule, son’s father’s schedule changes week to week and thus the specific days they each care for adorable nearly three year old fluctuate as well. So here I am, sitting on my arse eating Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s (like Oreos only so much better, really!) watching Super Why, doing nothing clever basically, and it dawns on me, “I could do that.” Honestly I had nothing better to do.

So for the small fee of the occasional free hair cuts for my family (did I mention my friend is also a kick ass hair stylist?) and pitching into my grocery bill since her son now dines with us for 50% of his meals roughly, she gets practically free day care and my son gets a built in playmate until that mythical second child I keep dreaming about / not trying very hard to produce (seriously we are still hoping for a Spring birth, but at this rate, it may be the following Spring). Win wins all around, right? And I can sort of tell myself I’m employed. Sort of. Not really. But it’s FUN!

Okay, not really. Did anybody else know that two toddlers dirty twice as many dishes, diapers, and faces? That the living room gets trashed twice as quickly and that the caretaker feels TWICE as tired at the end of each very long day? There are twice as many arguments, twice as many opportunities to barter for good behavior, twice as many moments of feeling like a harpy as I yell, “no” or “don’t do that” or “that’s not food!”

Okay so really, despite that, it isn’t really that bad. Yes, I’m bone tired and it’s a lot of work, but here’s the exciting part. At the end of the day, eventually, this second child GOES HOME and suddenly the aspect of a day with just my child seems thrillingly easy. Like how did it not seem this easy before? Wasn’t it always this way? How did it escape me that I had it made? And okay, yes, I know I’m trying for a second baby, but did anyone else know that new babies start out as BABIES and not toddlers? Because I think if children were offered as toddlers first, not many people would sign up. That’s the great thing about babies, is it’s a gradual process that gets not necessarily harder but maybe more complicated as you go along. They gradually weigh more, say more, eat more, etc. as they grow so that some things get harder as other things get easier, and you have time to ease into your routine. Maybe I’m making it sound more glamorous than it is – I obviously know babies are hard work and that sunshine and roses don’t grow out of their cute little tushes, but seriously, in my mind, I’ve got this covered. All thanks to a few days a week with a child whom everything apparently belongs to (the first day I watched him, I learned that he owned all cars, clothing, food, cups, bowls, toys, and television shows and maybe the Earth, Sun and Moon, as well).

What’s my point? Well, obviously, clever readers, I don’t have one. Per usual. Ciao!


  1. It is a very cute design – someday when I have things like patience and spare time, I’ll totally design my own layout, but the ones here are so pretty I almost don’t mind the cookie cutter-ness. πŸ˜›


  2. (look to the left, look o the right) “This blog looks oddly familiar.” (exactly like mine) I like it!


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