Snarky Comments are Cuter on Kids Clothing

Um can I have another baby just so I can make him (or her) wear this? Or maybe this? They do sell these onesies in sizes up to 24 months, but despite being a peanut my son could still outgrow this tomorrow if he tried hard… And the t-shirts are equally cute and available up to 6T, but okay, I just want another baby, so sue me!

But anyway, back to and the oh so cute that are her designs. I especially love all the shirts with teenie tiny foot prints on them like this one – which is way cuter than just a red sox jersey in my humble opinion. When you add to all that awesomeness the fact that each piece of clothing is printed on 100% organic cotton and made in the U.S.A. you really can’t go wrong. I found on the Goody Blog, by the way – if you don’t read them yet, you really should – at least, if you are a parent and / or like children. Go I say!

2 responses to “Snarky Comments are Cuter on Kids Clothing”

  1. Jen E Avatar

    Anytime! Your line is just adorable!


  2. gwen Avatar

    Thank you so much for your nice comments. I appreciate your opinion!