My Little Baby Is Growing Up! ::meep::

This weekend I got to hold a new baby (weeks old people, weeks old!) and finally had my son’s first hair cut finished (so it took us over a month, we got there). So right now I am gazing at my son and his cute little lack of hair and marveling at how much older he looks, while dreaming about newborns and recalling the earliest days of MLM’s life – our adventures in nursing, living with in-laws, learning the ins and outs of parenting (let’s face it, we’re still learning that) and now look at us little more than 2 years later and we are semi-world class professional parenting gurus. Doling out advice to our recently new parent friends, hoping in the back of our minds that they wanted said advice and ogling the fresh newborn baby awesomeness for all it’s worth.

I’m not sure when we’ll have our next child. Emotionally we are ready, financially we’re probably as ready as we’ll ever be. It’s all a mixture of timing and trying to do right by the kid we’ve got. I’d love to get MLM actually potty trained before the newborn shows up and I’d love it if he were old enough to help out and really get the idea of being a big brother. Right now he’s still slowly leaving his own baby-hood, but 9 months is a long time, who knows what he’ll be like 9 months from now, never mind whenever new baby is born.

And then there is the whole gritty process of actually TRYING to conceive and stressing yourself out with all the details, like it wasn’t easy as pie the first time around. I don’t want to fall in love with the idea of a fall birth and then miss it completely due to lack of “success” or dread a winter birth and end up with that in the end. There is a downside I think to any season and up sides to all of them as well. The important thing is the baby.

Which is how we end up where we’ve been ending up with this idea of not not trying and letting nature handle things. But oh the organizational obsessed woman in me loathes this idea on some level – shouldn’t I have a detailed plan laid out like I do for our savings, budgeting, house planning, vacationing schemes? Bah, I say…

And with that, some before and after pictures:

before haircut



after haircut


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