7 Things About: My Little Monkey

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7 things about my My Little Monkey:

1. Whenever he “learns” a new sound he tries to fit it in anywhere possible. Example: When he discovered the “ch” sound not only did he finally implement it into the word “cheerios” he also began a game that involved picking up a toy, saying, “no-CHHHH” then picking up another, again saying, “no-CHHHH” and on and on and on… I thought he was making a mental checklist at first, until the “CH” sound began cropping up everywhere. Right now he’s learned to blow raspberries, which makes for humorous conversation to be sure.

2. At the sandbox on Sunday I taught MLM about burying things in sand, and then “finding” them again – he was amazed and went on to do it for awhile – one time he not only found the toy he’d buried, but another toy as well and it was kind of like Christmas – so I’m currently envisioning a career in archaelogy – which I explained to him was basically getting paid to play in a huge sandbox all day. He was impressed.

3. Since he was a wee little babe, he has always sucked on his first two fingers, rather than a thumb like most kids – at two years old, the habit has stuck. My father claims he’ll be a scotch drinker (I’m pretty sure he’s just kidding) – I think it’s just cute. When he needs to “comfort” himself, in go the fingers, usually with a blanket or stuffed animal crammed precariously in between for good measure. It’s pretty hilarious to watch him maneuvering the whole thing.

4. He is obsessed with fuzz – He can find bits of it anywhere – from a blanket, our carpet, stuffed animals – if he’s really strapped for good fuzz, I’ve actually caught him examining the older of our stuffed animals for one with loose seams or an unnoticed hole, and removing bits of stuffing for extra soft  fuzz – he then carried the fuzz around with him everywhere, as a makeshift blanket that is ultra portable.

5. I’m pretty sure he learned to talk watching Curious George, because while some of his word skills are pretty good, he often cops out with grunting equivalents thereof – I’m torn between motherly concern and being in awe over how much George and My Little Monkey can get across through grunting and some good charades skills.

6. He has finally picked up the ultimate guy skill of quoting movies while he watches them and then later for good measure – it makes watching Elmo’s World much more amusing, to watch him try to quote every line in time. Later I can recite the entire show and it cracks him up. He also finally sings along to songs with us – we’ve been encouraging it for months and months but he’s finally catching on to how much fun it can be. We’re very proud.

7. MLM loves to stick his fingers in his food and see if he can pick it up while on finger – think putting raspberries on your fingers a la Amelie – he does it with olives, and attempts it with everything else – I think he judges his food based on its ability to stick to his finger-edness.

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2 thoughts on “7 Things About: My Little Monkey

  1. I’m so glad you borrowed it! My Scamp is addicted to her passey — no fingers. And she loves fuzz as well. I bought her a little pillow for the car, which has a zipper on it. She sneaks and unzips it, taking a bit of fuzz here and bit of fuzz there. Then, when she’s caught she tells me it’s her baby kangaroo. I just love what she comes us with!


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