Thursday 13: Christmas in September

Last week, I told you the thirteen things at Storyland in NH that had me excited for out upcoming vacation to the White Mountains this September. This week I’ll follow that theme and show you thirteen really cool things at SANTAS VILLAGE.

1. The Elfabet Game: My son is fantastic at pointing out all the letters of the alphabet – so I have to wonder how he’ll fare at learning the Elfabet Game. Only at Santa’s Village can you play this game. Apparently it is their mission to find all 26 Elves located throughout the park. There will be a special prize for children who play this game! I wonder if MM can win the prize? Also you can ask to take a picture with each elf, and you know I’ll want to do that! Talk about an easy way to get some great pictures for the ole’ scrapbook!

2. The Christmas Carousel: Apparently this reindeer carousel has lots of fun built in. Well for me the fun is that MM should be old enough to really get a kick out of riding on his own reindeer! I always loved riding carousels and this one looks absolutely perfect!

3. The Peppermint Twist: It’s really just a tug boat riding the waves, but it looks like the perfect First Roller Coaster to m!

4. Sugar n’ Spice Bake Shop: You may have noticed that I have a bit of a sweet tooth, well according to the Santa’s Village website, you can decorate your own gingerbread man (or lady) at the Sugar n’ Spice Bake Shop. Check out this cute review from a Santa’s Village-goer: “These cookies are the best in all the world.” –Steven Everit, age 11.

5. The Snowball Mall: “Santa’s Helpers have searched the globe looking for that special something… Yule always remember this day at Santa’s Village.” And really what’s better than a “mall” at Santa’s Village than catchy advertising? I’m thinking not much.

6. The Stocking Stuffer Shop: Supposedly the best place to pick up last minute (or terribly early) stocking stuffers. They sell souvenir items, really cute tees and sweats too. I have some pretty gigantic Christmas Stockings (actually each person in the family has 2, but that’s another LONG story) so maybe this store will help me to fill them all!

7. North Pole Workshop: Here you can “put on your apron and become an official “Santa’s Helper.” Here’s where yule create your own t-shirt by placing your hand where Rudolph’s antlers go. We’ll press it permanent for your best memorable shirt. There’s also Candle Art, Sand Art, Glitz & Glitter and Wood Ornaments, Tree-Decorating and much more. Lots of interactive hand-made crafts here!” Can you tell I’m loving their little “Santa-themed” jokes and cute advertisements? But that’s not the only thing about Santa’s Village I’m excited about…

8. It’s the only time I’ll be able to take MM’s picture with Santa in a month that isn’t December, and it won’t be in a lame mall or bank, either! “Santa is always available to greet his guests. Usually he can be found at his home, sitting in his big green chair.” I’m thinking we can come up with some pretty terrific Christmas Card photos long before the rest of the world does (or at least long before everyone who doesn’t go to Santa’s Village this year… It’ll be awesome alright – work with me!

9. How often do you get to experience the magic of Christmas without the mayhem of shoveling out your driveway and getting sand and muck and grime all over your car? My least favorite thing about Christmas has always been the downside to the admittedly pretty White Christmas-esque weather. No worries of that for this trip!  Wednesday September 3rd at least has a predicted high of 79 degrees, so I’m thinking we’re In The Clear where this is concerned. If there is any white christmas moments, they will surely be artificial!

10. Another nursing friendly locale! I cannot wait to come here another year with a nursing babe! But anyone with a small child can appreciate this: they have a Mary and Joseph’s Nursery located off the Polar Theater lobby with a large sink, microwave, changing stations, and separate rooms for nursing moms with chairs for those who desire privacy.

11. We can visit with reindeer and feed them cookies or at least let MM pet them! “Here, guests can learn some facts about these magical animals. Reindeer Games are also played in their barnyard—with sticky rewards for our gamers!” And honestly, who doesn’t love a good reindeer game – like monopoly? I wonder if Rudolph is good at playing Monopoly? Do you think he like always gets Boardwalk in like every game and Dasher and Donner are always like, “Rudolph, this is why nobody wanted to play reindeer games with you!” I bet that’s the real reason and not just cause he had a read nose! Cause you know it’s cold in the north pole, I bet they all get red noses sometimes!

12. DH can buy me a custom made ring from the Village Smithy at the Reindeer Shoe Shop. According to their website, ““Good Luck Rings” are especially made to fit the finger of choice. Children have been collecting these for over 50 years. This is a signature tradition here at Santa’s Village.” So yeah we’ll definitely have to get a ring, dear, it’s tradition – and you know, you don’t mess with tradition. It simply isn’t done. Okay maybe we’ll get MM something, too. I suppose not buying your kid a souvenir or two or a dozen simply isn’t done as well, huh?

13. We’ll be able to teach MM all about the spirit of Christmas a full 4 months in advance through a fun “one of a kind Christmas Spectacular – here’s a synopsis: “Toy Production at the North Pole is in full swing and the final preparations for Christmas are underway! But before Santa can hitch up the sleigh and head out, he has to make sure that everyone’s Holiday Spirit is in tip top shape! With the help of some of the North Pole’s finest Elves, and of course the very famous Stumpy, the magical Christmas Tree, everyone’s holiday spirit will be put to the ultimate test!”

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6 responses to “Thursday 13: Christmas in September”

  1. Bernie Avatar

    I love Christmas and anything associated with it! Great TT and I also enjoyed the pictures. You made me feel like I was right there.

    You may enjoy reading my 13 annoying things that get on my nerves about the Internet!


  2. Clara Avatar

    This looks like a great place to visit! We have Bronner’s Christmas store here in Michigan, but it’s just a store. No Santa and Elves all year. I’ll keep it in mind if I ever have an opportunity to visit NH!


  3. Chris Avatar

    Wow, that’s just way to much Christmas for me. Happy TT


  4. Krystyn Avatar

    Christmas in August! What fun!


  5. aliceaudrey Avatar

    There’s a Santa’s Village in Wisconsin I always meant to visit. Too late now. I’m in Montana.


  6. andrea Avatar

    I can’t believe we never went to Storyland OR Santa’s Village. We lived in Vermont for 4 years!! Our friends went and said it was pretty fantastic. I think I was too busy having babies… HA! I hope you guys have a really fun time!