Lookin Fine by 2009: Week 2

Well this update shouldn’t require much effort seeing as I didn’t put much effort into the past week. Sure Monday-Thursday were mostly honky dory I’m guessing with all my “I drink water now” and “I eat healthy meals.” But then “I went on vacation.” And I ate like an ass hat – if ass hats eat whatever they want anytime they want. I was on vacation people.

I only gained 7 pounds. I think that deserves a medal, don’t you?

So, yeah goals for this week – drink more water, learn what exercise is. Enjoy the wonder that is home cooking – for someone who loves to go out to eat, I sure did miss my own cooking by the end of the weekend. But to be fair, the hotel was kind of terrible in the amenities department and we travel with a two year old who Wants To Eat Now frequently.

But being on vacation did mean trekking through various amusement parks for hours on end. That’s kind of like vacation right? Which is why I’m so sore and tired? Certainly not the terrible hotel mattress…

My point? I kind of suck but I’ll do better, I swear. Oh yeah – Jen @ Daily Mish Mash‘s question for this week is:

What songs keep you pumped up during your workout?

I love Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Escape albumn for a good workout – haven’t used it in awhile but the whole CD is great – lots of building up in intensity and then slowing down just in time, but only for a bit. When I went to a gym, for that you know, month, a year ago – I rocked out to that CD the best.


  1. I definitely think amusement parks are exercise. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t stick to your diet during your vacation. That’s what vacations are for! Now that you are home you can get back on track. Good luck!


  2. I like Gwen Stefani but have never bought any of her. And lots of people are recommending her for workouts so I think I need to go pick this album up. I totally sympathize with you on the whole vacation thing. That’s why I started a week late… because I was on vacation. I think that’s why this week I lost so easily. Most of it was vacation weight!

    That’s okay though, you’ve started a new week and you’re back from vacation. =0)


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