I May Suck At Play Dates, But People GOOGLE Me!

This morning, I packed up MM, loaded the address for our morning’s play date into our GPS, grabbed a healthy snack (yummy pretzel sticks from Trader Joes – the honey whole wheat kind), even GOT DRESSED in normal clothes like normal people, and headed out. I kind of knew where I was going but was counting on the GPS to get me down the back roads to her house. When I turned it on it said it was looking for a valid GPS signal. Whatever, sometimes it does that – especially if we haven’t used it in awhile, which is largely the reason I used it today. Anyway, gosh am I ever boring.

Point is, we were like halfway down the largest road in the directions and I was sure I’d passed my turn before the GPS finally got a signal – What IS that? I was so annoyed, but it did recalculate and I eventually got there. 30 minutes late, thanks to MM being slow and the GPS being slower. But when I get there, only one truck is parked at her house. Not much of a turnout, I think, as I get out of the car. Her husband walks out of the house to greet me and I’m thinking, Wow, she’s throwing a play date WHILE her husband is home. That’s kind of cool, I guess.

“Play date?” I say laughing nervously, because he looks confused.

“[R] isn’t home…”

Ummm what?

The play date? It was yesterday. I was a full day and a half hour late.

Can I blame that on the GPS?

I went home and checked me email and sure enough, I’m just a moron.

So I’m feeling all kinds of lame and annoyed that I got dressed for nothing, and worried R is going to think I stood her up (I sent her an email apologizing, but really, what kind of moron am I?) Today, tomorrow, same difference right?

But that’s okay because a couple of days ago (the 16th I think, like that matters) 2 people googled “pride and prejudice mommablogsalot” to get to my blog! That’s right, someone googled ME specifically. Unless there is some other mommablogsalot who recently read and reviewed Pride and Prejudice. What would be the odds of that, I ask you? But, no, I’m pretty sure they were looking for me, because even though I suck at play dates, I must be pretty important, pretty googleable. I know you’re jealous.

8 thoughts on “I May Suck At Play Dates, But People GOOGLE Me!

  1. Oh no! That is totally something I would do. Hopefully the mom was understanding when she figured out what had happened (I’m sure her husband told her about your little visit).


  2. That is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read=) I guess because I can totally relate! I’ve been late, totally missed, gotten lost on the way to, forgotten the right place to go, to the play group we used to go to. USED being the operative word!

    Anyway, I found your blog tonight on “When Does Daddy Get Home’s” blog and absolutely love your blog=) Just thought I’d stop by and say “hi”.


  3. I want to sound cool and say it was me googling you because I was trying to re find your URL in the midst of the laptop crash swapover..but I didn’t. Cool that you were specificlly googled though.


  4. LOL! Googleable now that’s one I haven’t heard before! Bummer about the playdate, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make you a moron! I get things mixed up all the time! It happens to the best of us! Well congrats on being googleable! 🙂


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