Aloha Friday: Would You Care to Dance?

So I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, trying to decide the best way to post these thoughts without just sounding ridiculous. Then Aloha Friday rolled around, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blogland anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at An Island Life’s blog. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Anyway point is, for this week I was unsure what to ask of you. I thought about talking about Halloween but I’d really like to wait awhile (at least until October) before talking about that too much. So I decided to pull out this “Long Shot” of a blog post idea and form it into an Aloha Friday. My question this week is:

Do you watch Ellen? You know how on her talk show she has little “dance segments” thrown in for  fun, complete with hopping over that round table she has?

If I decided to do that on my blog, you know break off in the middle of a topic and put on some awesome new song and start busting a move, hopping over our living room table (which I’ve practiced) – would you dance with me? Would you pretend you danced with me but not actually dance yourself? Would you accuse me of doing the same?

Would you worry what the neighbors would think? Would you believe me if I told you it could be a great new exercise to throw into your daily habit and maybe your kids would dance with you and it would be this great new thing and you’d wonder why you’d never done it before? Would you wait impatiently for it everyday, putting on special “dancing pants” just for me?

Or are you going to stop reading my blog now? 😛

14 responses to “Aloha Friday: Would You Care to Dance?”

  1. xboxwife Avatar

    Ok – that gave me a chuckle! Your question is exactly how my mind works – one question after another!

    I’d totally dance ~ the unexpected can be so much fun!


  2. Cathi Avatar

    I used to watch Ellen but I don’t anymore. I enjoyed it when she danced a bit in the beginning however the music and other things became too much for me to enjoy. Actually, I watch very little TV anymore.


  3. Rach (Heart of Rachel) Avatar

    I love watching Ellen. I love the cute little dance she does on the start of her show. Why not, I would love to dance. 🙂


  4. Tara Avatar

    lol great post!!! LOL well my 4 year old son has some moves haha but me?? welll… I think I would die of embarrassment!!! In my mind I can dance.. lol


  5. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I would totally break out into a jig just for you and for the blog. I think this is a great idea.


  6. Aloha Monkey Avatar

    Ha ha ha! That’s so funny! Yeah, I’ll play along and say that I did the dance, even if I really didn’t and probably won’t (don’t want to re-injure my back). I sure do wish my DVR didn’t screw up on my recording of Wendesday’s Ellen. I wanted to see the interview with Stephenie Meyer 😦

    Thanks for stopping by. You really don’t like fries? Isn’t that un-American? Well, you’re probably better off without them anyway. No clogged arteries for you.


  7. TheAngelForever Avatar

    I say you need to do whatever makes you happy. Dance if you want to dance . . . and play some great music while you are at it 🙂


  8. Cammi Avatar

    I LOVE watching Ellen. In fact, I’ve put in a request for tickets to her show so I can actually watch her dance (and dance myself) in person! And we do dance at my house. I have a great set up in the kitchen where my iPod is hooked up to a big stereo. When I’m cleaning or making dinner, me and my kids dance around to whatever happens to come next in the shuffle. So I would dance with you.

    When I went to see Mamma Mia, we danced to the closing credits in the theater while everyone stared at us. At the end, 2 others finally joined in. It would have been great if everyone let down their guard and danced too!


  9. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ AmyG : Sure thing, just as soon as I teach my two year old how to work the video camera 😉


  10. AmyG Avatar

    LOL, great question/s! I might sing along to the song that your playing, but I probably wouldn’t dance, cause I’d be to busy watching you dance… if you posted a video of it that is.


  11. Christine@AreWeThereYetMom Avatar

    When it comes to dancing, I’m always ready!

    I love to pretend I’m dancing, when I’m stopped at a red light!

    It keeps me movin’ through out my day! 🙂


  12. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Amy : Back before my son found out that he cared what show was on tv, he used to watch Ellen with me, and we’d ALWAYS dance when music came on. It was fun. I miss it. 🙂


  13. Amy-Happy Momma Avatar

    Great post! Believe it or not, this is something that we already do! Anyone of us will at any random moment no matter where we are just break out into song and or dance. Believe me, we get some very strange looks when we are out. But on a few occcassion I have actually just smiled and said, “You know you might enjoy life a little more if you joined us!” As of yet no one has but maybe some day!