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For Today

Outside my Window… it’s cloudy and cool with a slight breeze. The trees still have leaves, the grass is lush and green. Fall may be here, changing colors on the trees in town but outside in our “quad” it is still green and beautiful.

I am thinking… of all the things I still aught to do like balance the checkbook, read, do some more dishes, and figure out dinner for tonight. I was going to exercise but I’ve been so active today I think I’ll save my workout DVD for tomorrow which should be a less active day, chore-wise.

From the learning rooms … My son is only two and not in school, but lately we’ve been continuing to work on letters and colors and learning some different animals like elephant, giraffe, etc. He picks all these things up quickly.

I am thankful for… a strong marriage, a loving family and group of friends, my husband’s wonderful job which lets me stay home with my son.

From the kitchen… We have apples from apple picking yesterday that we plan to make into a pie and a couple of baked stuffed apples.

I am wearing… my new jeans – I really love Walmart for clothes these days and these new jeans are wonderful – they are made by that Just My Size company owned by Hanes and they fit so well and provide plenty of room for movement, etc.

I am reading… Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer – I’m about 2/3rds through and loving every minute of it.

I am hoping… that I will come up with a marvelous idea for dinner tonight… the odds don’t seem to be in my favor though.

I am creating… change in my diet. Drinking more water, eating less snack food. If I can only add more exercise to this mix I just might lose some weight.

I am hearing… my son cooing in his bedroom, letting me know that nap time is over. 🙂

Around the house… I have some vacuuming and mopping to do soon… But the laundry is done and I took out some trash today that’s been cluttering up a few corners in the apartment.

One of my favorite things… is Amazon gift certificates – we have an Amazon visa that gives us gift certificates every 2,500 points. I just got one in today and tempting as it is to spend it, I’m thinking of saving them to use for some Christmas presents.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… exercise more, finish Breaking Dawn and try to pick up Jane Eyre for the 5 Minutes For Books Classics Book Club

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

My son found this acorn on the ground in our parking lot as we were leaving to go apple picking. He didn’t let it out of his grasp the entire trip, all through the entire picking, walking through the fields, tasting different apples, he kept it grasped in his hand the whole time. 🙂

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  1. 24 hours are realy not enough for a mom tasks, from being a housekeeper, a cook, a mother, a wife, a blogger etc. etc etc. But with our time management and our resourcefulness and wit, we finished all the tasks in due time. Cheers!


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