Looking Fine 2009: Week 5 Update

So Am I going to be…


I gained a pound. I think that goes to show you that being “pumped” and “excited” and “optimistic” while dieting might be setting yourself up for failure. But let’s evaluate, shall we? During the week, per usual, I did well with eating – my water consumption might be a bit down but I think that’s because I keep finding fun beverages to buy and then don’t want to waste them. But THAT mostly happens in the evening. Whatever. I also keep neglecting to eat breakfast and once or twice last week, lunch also. Which probably means I get ravenous at dinner or after dinner. This weekend was game night so you know I ate delicious pizza, my favorite potato chips and drank SODA ::gasps::

Also, we ate out twice this weekend, we had lunch out twice – once at a KFC / Taco Bell, in an effort to save money (the other was Applebees, soooooooo good and totally worth it) KFC not so much and I’d have gone home to eat, but we were an hour from home and ill prepared, I know, totally my fault – but I got a pretty rain coat from LL Bean that tucks into a pocket in the hood for easy storage – so cool!!!

Oh right and exercise. So that 10 minute dance hurrah hurrah DVD? I realized a problem with this DVD included (but was not limited to) the fact that I lack all coordination and dance like a white girl. I.E. badly. I can jump around and make goofy faces with the best of you, and my son got a kick out of it, but ask me to step in specific places at specific times? Not likely. And after 5 minutes I was exhausted… and I never put the DVD back in. I guess I aught to return it for something else not involving dancing. But let’s be honest, guys, fat blasting dance mixes… it’s step aerobics. I won’t lie to you, they shouldn’t either.

I wish I had a big beautiful elliptical machine instead of the strange dwarf midget version we got on the cheap that clutz = me has a hard time staying on without falling and hurting myself and DAMN is it exhausting and quick – I can’t last more than 2 minutes on that thing. I want to work out for 60 minutes, not 2, not 6. Any ideas that don’t involve a gym membership, because let me tell you how much that isn’t happening. We actually just canceled our gym membership which we had for almost 1 year and used religiously for 2 months and then never again.

And walking? Yeah, we already do that, a lot, and apparently it doesn’t actually equal exercise since we don’t do it CONSISTENTLY every day or some crap. Whatever. I’m feeling discouraged, but I haven’t given up, so that should count for something, right?

Did I mention the delicious apple pie I made Saturday? Or the delicious cherry pie I made the next day? Who said baking was a good idea? I BAKED guys – that should equal cheering not tsking. Okay the halloween sugar cookies I got from Stop and Shop aren’t as impressive to tell you about, but they were DELICIOUS…

Fine I’ll admit, apart from that 5 minutes of DVD time, I pretty much ignored the diet all week until I hopped on a scale Monday morning and said, “crap, what happened?”

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash (our fearless leader who is also a bit discouragedish after a week of slacking off, which seems to be the general consensus this week of Looking Fine by 2009) wants to know what your mini goals and maybe mini rewards are for this week? I think mini goals are where it’s at – a major goal is all well and good, but without mini goals, it’s easy to forget your on a “diet” at all.

So my mini goals this week are to DRINK more water and to cut back on snacks and eating out of home which I was doing REALLY good on until game night i.e. evil night for diets everywhere. Excepting the leftover pie and sugar cookies I will try to be good. Oh and the apple cider. Okay, I’ll share all those things and throw them out by the weekend, how’s that?

Okay, my mini goals are REALLY to drink more water and get my hands on a new DVD for working out or a new GOAL without a DVD. Any suggestions that I haven’t already tried are welcome. And I’m also hoping to not gain more weight from my delicious snacks that invaded my house when I wasn’t thinking.

Maybe my goal will be in the form of those mini treats? Like I can ONLY have pie or cider or cookies IF I worked out AND had 3 glasses of water that day… that seems like sort of reasonable… And when the snacks run out I’ll replace them with a better Mini Reward that doesn’t involve junk food, but at least in the mean time, I’ll only have snacks if I’ve done good already that day. That’s better than eating junk food for no good reason, right?

How about you?

4 responses to “Looking Fine 2009: Week 5 Update”

  1. runningamuck Avatar

    I LOVE to bake and it’s really the kicker to this whole Looking Fine thing. So I’ve started baking with a purpose… well, a purpose other than me eating the whole batch of cookies or loaf of banana bread. I now bake, wrap and give. I give almost all of it. If it’s cookies, I do keep a few to feed my kids and a couple for me. But still, it’s better… baby steps… baby steps…

    I’d volunteer to help with your homemade pie consumption… just saying. =0)


  2. Andrea Avatar

    I want to do this whole Fine by 2009, thing. But I’m coming in 5 works in. I’m guessing this no longer counts? Eh? Maybe I’ll just have to figure out this blogging thing then I can manuever it like you do and feel all cool and spiffy. Don’t let things get you down… just keep thinking about it and things will fall into place. It’s our forgetting about dieting that kills things.


  3. Jen Avatar

    I appreciate your honesty and it sounds like we are in the same boat for the most part. Hopefully this will be a better week for both of us.

    As far as exercise videos, I found some things on diet.com/videos that show you some good moves that you could do on your own with your iPod. If you incorporate some fast-paced walking for cardio, it would probably be just as good as the gym. That is one of my plans for the week.


  4. Mrs. Newlywed Avatar

    I give everyone who is doing this challege a lot of credit. You guys are all doing well.

    Gaining a pound? It is probably water weight + the salt from eating out. I would drink more water this week, and I bet you are down next week.