More Adventures In Blog Stats: Can You Say WTF?

I know that I’ve already done a post on google searches that have led to my blog, but I was stalking my stats page today for the umpteenth time and I noticed that four searches for “pictures of tricycle wrecks” have led to my blog today and I just have to say “wtf” – seriously? You are looking for pictures? WHY? And how does this lead people to my blog? Well now they are going to get led here a lot more since I’m writing this post, but really? Why would you want to see pictures? Just go out and buy yourself a tricycle and a two year old and let mother nature take care of the rest. Make sure you have a camera handy.


Mommablogsalot does NOT endorse buying toddlers, or taking pictures of toddlers wrecking their tricycles. Mommablogsalot is not responsible  for idiots taking said advice seriously. Please do not sue mommablogsalot.


  1. Hee, hee! That is hiliarious! For some reason, McDonald’s Birthday Parties is one of my top ten searches every month. There is nothing on the McDonald’s website so they all come to mine to get information on the laziest birthday party I ever threw 🙂


  2. My favorite search that brought someone to my blog was “pictures of zac efron pantsless.” 🙂

    Those people must have left my site VERY unsatisfied.


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